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DEXTRONET.COM announces release of Swift To-Do List 7, aimed as number one task management software for Windows

This release is to announce the launch of Swift To-Do List 7, a new major version of task management software for Windows developed by, a software vendor specializing in personal productivity software.

Prague, Czech Republic ( August 9, 2010 -- Swift To-Do List 7, new major version of the popular task management software for Windows, has been released by Swift To-Do List 7 is ambitiously aimed to be the number one Windows task management software for individuals.

Compared to the previous version, Swift To-Do List 7 has more than 100 new features and improvements, including the ability to run from a flash drive (USB), task emailing, task archive for deleted tasks, full support for recurring tasks, enhanced notes keeping, improved reminder functionality and support for Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity methods.

"The issue with most task management software products currently available is that they are either too simple, or too complex. Swift To-Do List 7 fills this gap. We have gone to great lengths to make it as customizable and flexible as possible, thus powerful and simple at the same time. Providing ease of use has been the biggest focus during development. Swift To-Do List 7 is being given a great reception and is proving to be an instant success.", said Jiri Novotny, Founder and Product Manager.

The flexibility and customization capabilities make Swift To-Do List 7 suitable both for personal and business use. Thousands of home computer users and busy professionals rely on it every day.

One of the unique features of Swift To-Do List 7 is the ability to hide unneeded fields. To-do list organizers often force you to use all the predefined fields, but Swift To-Do List 7 allows you to choose which fields you want to use and which to hide completely. Supported fields include Priority, Type, Due Date, Start Date, Completion Date, Context, Assigned To, Time Estimate, Time Spent, Percent Done and Status. All supported fields are fully customizable. Swift To-Do List also records Creation Date and Last Changed Date for each task.

Swift To-Do List 7 is a feature-packed task list organizer that helps in daily business. It does not manage just tasks, but also notes, reminders and recurring tasks. Swift To-Do List has a hierarchical to-do list tree with icons and supports attachments, clipboard operations, undo/redo, rich text notes, filtering, view modes, database encryption, powerful print/export and many other features.

Swift To-Do List 7 is available directly from The Standard edition costs $44.95 and Professional edition costs $89.95 (The Professional edition includes task emailing and supports more task fields). A fully functional 30-day trial version is available from

Swift To-Do List 7 runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, both 32bit and 64bit. Visit for more information, screenshots, and download.