About Dextronet
So you would like to learn a bit more about us?

Dextronet.com was founded with the intention to develop, sell and support software with great design that makes your life better. To put it simply: We love creating software that you will love to use.

Our #1 focus: You

Nothing is more important to us than users of our products and our customers. We take the "customer is always right" mantra one step further: Before we make any decision or action, we always ask ourselves: "How will this benefit our users and customers?" Everything we do is for you. We believe that there is no point in doing business if we can't improve people's lives.

Our unconditional 90-day money back guarantee for all our products reflects this: If you are not amazingly happy, we simply do not want your money!

Our #2 focus: Great design

Great design is hard. That's why so many software products are either too simple, or too complex and hard to use. And we think that's just wrong! Therefore, we put enormous effort in great design.

Creating something very powerful that is simple and easy to use at the same time is one of the greatest challenges of software development, but it pays off: Dextronet.com is profitable from the beginning. We are growing our business organically and responsibly, and we aren't going anywhere. You can expect more excellent products and new product upgrades in the future.

Our #3 focus: Constant improvement and growth

We always strive to be better. To better serve our users and customers, to offer better products, to provide better support, and most importantly: To make your life better!

We don't want to be "just another software company". We are constantly growing and improving ourselves, our products and our business, and we always will.

If you think you can tell us how we can be even better, don't hesitate and send us your ideas.


We are based in Prague, Czech Republic, member state of European Union.

Your feedback and questions are much appreciated!

If you have questions about our products, use the contact form in Support section.

Associated Projects & Partnerships

We are also offering .NET components for developers at ComponentOwl.com, namely Better ListView - the ultimate replacement for standard .NET listview.

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