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I just want to tell you that, quite honestly, Swift To-Do List 7 is one of the most pleasant surprises I've run across in years. I am a veteran computer user and since the days of MS-DOS, I've used some of the very best Personal Information Manager (PIM) including ECCO Professional, Lotus Organizer, InfoSelect, several generations of Outlook, Chandler, Remember the Milk, GQueues, and Agenda At Once.

In my honest opinion, none of them compares to Swift To-Do List (STDL).

Why? Because while STDL and most of the PIMs I've used have the same basic features, STDL beats them all in terms of being "just right" to the point of being fun to use. With most PIMs, you go through a learning curve in which you must conform to someone else's idea of what to-do list is. In the case STDL, you designed it in such a way that I was comfortable using it right away. In fact, unlike other PIMs, it has inspired me to be more productive. That's important because I run several businesses.

Every feature and design attribute is thought out so precisely -- with so much care and intelligence. Thank you once again Jiri for making every day more productive and fun!
— Eddie K, UK
Wow! You've created a fabulous tool for organizing... not just tasks but ideas, resources, books, files, sheet music, lots of things. Swift To-Do is easy to use and VERY effective.
— Bob M., USA
I can't tell you enough what a joy it was to find your Swift To-Do List and how much I enjoy using it. I think almost any fool can take something simple and make it more complex and hard to comprehend or use, but it takes real skill to do what you have done: take the complex and make it simple and fun to learn and use. Already I can't live without your wonderful program and it's only been a week! Thank you! Also an excellent value for the money.
— Moulton A., USA
I had mastered it in about 10 minutes. When I started thinking "I wish it could do this" - I soon discovered that it DID do it! Thank you so much - I feel more organized already!
— Bruce F, USA
I downloaded the registered version of your software today and I am absolutely delighted with its functionality and flexibility. It is one of the best PIM I have ever used in form and flexibility. It helps one to get a complete picture instantly of all the details of every project that one wants to record and they are all in one place and only a click away. The size and expandability of your Notes area and associated text formatting capabilities are splendid. Well done!!!
— Jim M., Ireland
I just wanted you to know that I did go through the trial version of the programme and immediately bought it, as its amazingly simple and highly user friendly. Congratulations for such a fantastic programme.
— Commander Rajiv K., India
I've only recently started using the Swift To-Do List and have been really enjoying it. The simplicity of finding and sorting tasks is fantastic! Thank you for producing such a fantastic package.
— Greg M, USA
I love Swift ToDo List! It's changed the way I keep track of to do items - thank you!
— Jennier D, USA
Do you know, I've been looking for To Do software like yours for almost 15 years? Intuitive, practical, interactive. Who would have thought it would take so long to find! In fact, it makes me happy to use it. How's that for practical?! Thank you!
— Darryl B. USA
I LOVE this software - it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for for so long!! THANKS!!
— Gabrielle F, USA
Once again, thanks for the software. In complex program management like I do with lots of projects in parallel, I tried a lot of software but cannot use something else that Swift To do list for the common work. It is simple, efficient and powerful. Keep on the great job.
— Olivier R.
Swift To-Do List’s functionality, flexibility in options and ease of use is absolutely spectacular. The flexibility of the program in terms of features and its capabilities sure stand out from the crowd.

Swift To-Do List makes for a helluva task organizer: it is flexible, comes with easy to understand options, and offers a myriad of features that can be used comfortably even from a portable storage device.
— Softpedia in-depth review
I haven’t been in the market to replace my tried and true task list manager. I’ve been using it for years, and it has suited me well. Last week Jiri Novotny of Dextronet contacted me to ask me to review his new software, Swift To-do List. It is amazingly straightforward.

The software blew me away.
— LJ Earnest from SimpleProductivityBlog
This program rocks! Outstanding job!!! Version 7.0 improved an excellent program.
— Michal G, USA
I love your program. I wouldn't be nearly as organized as I am without it!

Keep up the good work.
— Mark W.
After buying various to-do type programs over the years (MindManager, TreePad X, Maple Professional, Goalscape, Quick To-Do Pro, Task Merlin Pro, MS One Note...), I've finally settled on Swift To-Do List Professional.
— Martin K, UK
I just wanted to send you a quick note expressing how much I like Swift To-Do List 7. I have been using it for about a month. Its features are what I was hoping to get and easy to use. I have contacted you on a couple of occasions and the response has been immediate and relevant. Good job.
— Lawrence P, USA
The Swift To-Do List is exceptionally well thought out. It is certainly the finest ToDo, Task, Goal, Project Management tool around. Congratulations on your programming skills, your country seems to be the home of many programming geniuses.
— Chuck Gallozzi, Canada
I just wanted to let you know how much I love this tool! My staff now uses Swift To-Do List and they also love it. Congrats on creating a powerful and easy to use application. Between your support and your product, I am extremely excited. You guys are GREAT!
— Tim H., USA
Very very close to perfect! This is one of the few programs that's WORTH the money.
— Dale S., USA
Swift To-Do List is simply the best to-do software to be found.

I have tried them all and it has the perfect combination of features and ease of use. The best part is being able to customize my lists by dragging and dropping, as well as by manual adjustment. I love it!
— Dr. Chris S, USA
Swift To-Do List is outstanding!
— Dan V., USA
Your customer service is off the charts... kudos to you.
— Dawn P, USA
Thank you for a great program. I was actually looking for just this program for five years.
— Hans K, USA
I love the little icons in Swift's To-Do List; they make the work fun.
— Diana M, USA
My highest appreciations for creating the best to-do-list-software EVER!
— Klaus S, Germany
Just letting you know this is the best program I have ever used.

It's amazing how getting organized can give you a sense of relief from your daily stresses. Great job. I will recommend this product to everyone.
— Jonathan, USA
Just wanted to let you know I was happy to purchase your software and I appreciate the high quality product. The price is well worth the reduced stress of better organization.

I'd been searching for a good task system for months now to replace my old methods. I wanted a solid GTD-style program that could also function as an outliner. I didn't find any programs that fit the bill, and believe me I tried all the good ones (for Mac and PC). I was almost ready to give in to a kludgy solution (...)

Swift To-Do List. Now I wonder why I didn't notice this program earlier?

The build quality is very high and I've had zero issues after a week of use. I can also see by the effort put into the website that you guys care about quality work. That is rare and great to find.
— Paul P, Austria
Hi Jiri, I love your product. I use it everyday to help keep me sane.
— Ryan H, UK
The more I use your product the more I come to love it. I cannot even begin to count the various task/work management systems I've used over the years and have to say that Swift To-Do List is absolutely incredible. Of course, I could make feature requests (and probably will), but I absolutely love it!

The more I use it the more I find hidden gems of features and ways to integrate even better for my particular workflow.
— Robert, USA
The best task software ever!
— Guido A, Netherlands
As a business owner, I have evaluated many PIMS and believe Swift To-Do List clearly is superior to anything else I've tried.
— Joseph W, USA
I continue to think your software is OUTSTANDING.

Thanks again for creating such a great program.
— Scot G, USA
Recently purchased this program and it is totally wonderful.

I've found by printing out a list every day and attaching it to my running daily notebook in my purse. Everything is organized and I just check off items as accomplished. Have had such good results with this section it's time to start exploring the rest of the program.

A wonderful option is to be able to drag tasks up and down. Love it.

A very happy camper.
— Barbara H, USA

I write a blog for AdvisorOne, a major site for financial advisors.

I had some good things to say about Swift To Do List:

... "I want to share with you a program I have discovered and use nearly every day. It helps keep me focused. It helps prevent things falling through the cracks. And it enhances my productivity." ...
— Bill Good, USA
Just wanted to say that I love Swift To-Do List 7, has helped me tremendously.
— Billy F, USA
Hi just to let you know I love your Swift To-Do List. (...) It's a great little tool - I would recommend it to anyone!
— Julia C, South Africa
The Swift-To-Do-List software is the greatest invention in the history of all software. I absolutely love it.
— Nick N, USA
I have been looking for YEARS for a program like this, and I am thrilled that I bought it, just when I needed it most. It is the best program of its kind in the known universe, and it is fantastic!

It is a phenomenal package.
— Dallas T, USA
Your product is absolutely amazing! It has seriously revolutionized my life, and made me more productive and organized than I ever thought I could be. Thank you so much!
— Ryan B, USA
I’ve been using Swift-to-Do Professional for a couple of months now and I’m very impressed...

Its made me a lot more productive and efficient and I now feel a LOT more in control of my work priorities.
— Paul J, Canada
I just purchased Swift To-Do List 7 Pro. I am a VERY busy Pastor and your product makes my life so much easier.

My wife mentioned the other day that I seem to be more organized. I told her about Swift To Do 7 and how it has helped me track of all I need to get done.

Thank you for the product and for making it possible for me to purchase it.
— Pastor Mike F, USA
Incidentally, I am impressed with your ability to make your programs so powerful yet user friendly, equally as important these days. That's a plus, since a lot of us computer users are fairly intelligent but don't want another complex, hard to learn program to deal with.
— William P, USA
It's a pleasure using your product and sensing how much you care about relationships with your customers.

Much success to you.
— Ed M, USA
I really love your product. I don't know how I would organize my life without it.
— Scot G, USA
I've been using Swift To-Do List 7 Pro for several months now and have really enjoyed both the ease of use and the deep functionality. It has been very helpful to me in managing multiple priorities and project planning.

Thanks for a great product, for the constant updates and improvements...all for a very reasonable price.
— Jeff M, USA
I have a licensed copy of the Swift To-Do List 7. I've only owned it for a few months, but already I am in love with the software. It's fantastic!
— Bart M, USA
Where have you been!

I could have saved big money not buying thousands of sticky notes, paper scraps, yellow pads & etc had I had this earlier in career. Not to mention losing stuff!
— Stephen D, Australia
Your program is the best I have ever seen, and I have looked at many. In addition, it is easy to use and very logically designed. It should be the #1 product. I will most definitely tell everyone that I think it is excellent.
— Dale S, USA
Swift ToDo continues to amaze and delight me.

I believe it has helped me publish my first short story (I use it to organize the huge number of components that go into a short story).

Thank you!
— Darryl B, USA
I have a website business that has tons of tasks every day. I have used many other task programs and found yours worth buying. It will probably become the most used software on my computer, besides my code editor for building websites.
— Kim R, USA
Thanks again for this tool, by far the best task management tool on the market and I use it all day long!
— Serge T, Canada
I’ve been using Swift To Do List about 90 days now and I can testify now that it’s fully integrated into my life that it’s the product I’ve been looking for LITERALLY all my life.

And I’m not overstating to make a point - it has literally made my life better and more productive. Life changing software.

It’s like having a robot secretary keeping you on schedule and focused on triaging tasks and outcomes all day long. Awesome, awesome product and I don’t mind saying so just because I believe I’m actually doing people a favour when I let them know about it. It’s that good.

It’s so good I’ve decided to put up a link to it and offer it to my clients on my website as one of my few, personally-vouch-for, hand-picked software recommendations. I believe in it that much! Thank you, Jiri, for making this software.

I am in the business of providing computer literacy training to seniors and, as memory issues and staying focused are frequently an issue for my clients, I went looking online for an ideal To Do List software that in order met the following requirements and I was prepared to not purchase and wait patiently until I found one that met all of the following specifications:
  • Free to try out before buying online
  • Reasonably priced and great value for the features and impact
  • Learning curve of only a few minutes or so for the few main things you’d want to do with it
  • So simple to use it doesn’t slow down my production more than writing something down
  • Well thought out interaction based on familiarity with priority of user’s various task scenarios
  • Useful out of the box
  • Features not too sparse or too many steps to use due to complexity
  • Reminders feature pops up when you tell it a task is due or should begin so can forget about everything but "Open Swift To Do List”
  • Project manager features for multiple levels of subtasks, etc. so large tasks can be broken down into smaller ones
  • Easily colour coding with customizable categories for triaging of tasks at a glance
  • Notes can link to documents, address book, websites, photos and other things for the task all in one place
  • Time Organization and Management features using an Egg Timer / Stopwatch feature for the “Task At Hand” so it’s right on top in your face but wee down in the corner and moveable with the TEXT of the task above the ticking clock
  • Robust and well-written software so it never crashes or crashes my computer
  • Visually customizable so I don’t get tired of looking at it since it’s up and running as I work all day long

I tried trials of literally a half a dozen other To Do List Software products and NONE of them came close to meeting all of my requirements until Swift To Do List. And especially not for the price/features/impact ratio.

WOW! I would never want to go back to living without Swift To Do List. Thanks for writing this software.
— Peter Shears, B.A., Certified Computer Support Specialist, WagonTrain IT Solutions
I have been in software development for over 35 years and have tried many different methods and applications.

Your [Swift] To-Do List Professional is the best designed task list software that I've seen yet. And yet it has been kept simple and easy to use. It appears to be well suited for my uses in keeping track of our software development issues and projects.

I [also] like that you have the "Assigned To" field.
— Steve H, USA
Dear Jiri Novotny,

Thank you for the info. I just purchased it and it works great! Especially the customization and file-attachment possibilities (esp. email!) are great.

Was looking for this.
— Jeroen M, Netherlands
Thanks Jiri for your quick reply. I went ahead and purchased the software; after trying it the past couple of days it's a lot better than the Excel spreadsheet that I have been using. Looking forward to working with you and your team, and seeing new product features in the future.
— John S, USA
I've tried using both Outlook and Toodledo (on my own and with the 1MTD guide), but in the end I really wanted a simpler, more configurable, focused, standalone desktop app, so that's why I chose Swift To-Do List!

I'm at my desktop 90% of the time, but being able to access my tasks on the Swift.me website through my Android phone is a bonus!

The more I've used it in the past couple of weeks, the more appreciative I've been that you've built a simple and flexible tool that can work the way I want to work and not hardcoded to work the way you or someone else thought I should work. It's the perfect balance of simplicity and usability!
— Jason R, USA
I can't tell you how valuable and useful your Swift to Do Program has been to keep track on my to do planning!

At first I thought I could simply set up a spreadsheet and keep track that way but after being a satisfied Swift user for months now, I am really sold on your product. I would recommend it to interested parties. Congratulations on a great product!
— Edward K, USA
I love your program! Its made me so much more focused... finally my work is not chasing me... I love the control i have now :)

— Deepti V, India
Hello Jiri,

I just wanted to share this email with you.  I have been talking to my Uncle and my Mom about how great your program is... I just wanted to forward the last email I sent her because it illustrates how awesome I think your program is...

I just wanted to say thanks for developing such a great program.  (...)


Thanks Mom.... Yep!  I definitely feel like this tool allows me to operate on a whole new level.

I can immediately capture thoughts, tasks, requests etc, whenever I receive them without interrupting my train of thought...  

What's so different about this program is that it operates in the background.  If I hit Ctrl Shift T .. it pops up. I can do what I need quickly then hit Ctrl Shift T again and it disappears. If I am working on something... and think to myself that I have to take action related to something I am typing... I can highlight the sentence and hit Ctrl Shift A... this will start a new task with the text I just highlighted.


Hey Chuck,


I'm just really excited about it. I just finished my 3rd week of using it.  I use it all day every day.. both jobs.

At this point, I can't imagine not having it. Each day I use it I find myself smiling and saying to myself... this is awesome...  It's really that good.

You'd think I have stock in the company the way I'm talking it up but...I'm just so impressed with it I wanted to make sure you at least looked at it.
— Bob M, USA
Just want to say, that the program is very useful [in] our day to day business, we have upgraded to the full version and find it extremely useful.

Many thanks
— Bridget C, UK
I have purchased Swift To-Do List Professional. I am very happy with it!!! It is indeed a brilliant tool. (...)

Thank you for your motivation and encouragements and of course for the fabulous task manager!

Best wishes
— Jean-Marie J, Ireland
Loving your sharp little program to pieces! Thank you for making our lives easier.
— Joe K, USA
I use Swift To-Do List every day in my consulting business. It has evolved to be a very well-formed and useful application.
— Stephen C, USA
Wonderful. Thank you Jiri. Your customer service is second to none.
— Phil K, USA
A great program and worth every cent. Finally, order out of chaos. Thanks!
— Ben B, USA
I love Swift To-Do List! It is the greatest. It is simple, fast, efficient, and one of the best tools I have ever found to keep all my "stuff" in one place.

I store absolutely everything in it from my shopping list, information on major purchases, where to buy what, gardening information, books to read, movies to see, recipes, you name it. And it all fits the format nicely. I don't have to keep little notes, lists, wads of paper, receipts, etc., anymore. I am finally organized, happy, have more time, and know where everything is.

I don't know what I did without it.

Thank you so much for taking the chaos out of my life.
— Sara L, USA
The more I use your product - the more thoughts and ideas I get on how to incorporate it into my crazy life.

So many people have noticed a change in me - I am more productive, happier - and I tell all of them its because of this miracle program.

I have a safe secure place to put all the "STUFF" that was whirling around in my head and/or the scattered sheets of paper, file folders - that sense of overwhelm and being out of control - is GONE FOR GOOD - thanks to you :)
— Sherri W, USA
I recently discovered and downloaded the Swift To-Do List (after months of examining other PIM and task management software), and I must say: I absolutely LOVE this application!
— Metta Z, USA
Your software looks like a life-saver to me! I am just starting off but am sold already. I am accustom to the world of Palm Pilots and Covey - and haven't found anything nearly as close to your product!!
— Larry P, USA
The Sub Tasks alone are a phenomenal addition to this latest release.

This is a truly awesome program!

..my hat is off to you once again.

Thanks for developing this indispensable tool.
— Bob M, USA
I've just started to use Swift To-Do List and my whole life is changed. I'm no more forgetting everything like early i did. I'm under the impression that i am a "non-forgettable" person.
— Holly, USA
Swift To-Do just keeps getting better. Frankly, using it is a profit center for me, both in time I use more efficiently and in my better standing at work - many thanks for your fine product.
— Carl H, USA
Swift To-Do List has definitely become a major part of how I manage myself now, and I'm surprised how much of a positive impact it is having on me personally and professionally.
— Greg M, Australia
I'm a developer and very picky about the software I use. I've used literally every todo / PIM software on the market and Swift To-Do is by far the best. It's the only one I trust and use nowadays. You've done a great job making it stable and allowing me to make the text bigger in options for my poor eyes :)

Thanks for all your help. You have a great product and a customer for life.

If I can ever help with anything just let me know.
— Ryan H, UK

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