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Mind Collected

Mind Collected

Build your personal visual database of your mind. Mind Collected allows you to collect, connect and catalog any objects and information. Organize your collection using tags, auto-find images for your items on the Internet, and much more.More Info…


FastPaste is a useful clipboard utility for pasting commonly used text phrases, formatted text or even images into applications. You just press a hotkey or click an icon, and the text clip you have set for that hotkey will be automatically pasted.More Info…

Other To-Do List and Productivity Software

Tree Notes

Tree Notes Organizer (PIM)

Simple, clean and light-weight notes manager. Organize all your notes in a tree structure with icons.More Info…

Daily To-Do List

Easy to use task list manager that allows you to keep to-do list for each calendar day. Features include rich notes, reminders, custom task colors, print & export and more.More Info…

Swift To-Do List LiteFREE

Free version of Swift To-Do List with limited features.More Info…

To-Do DeskListFREE

Free desktop to-do list application. It's like beautiful sticky notes that automatically position themselves. If you need to manage just a couple of tasks, To-Do Desklist is perfect for you. More Info…

Task List GuruFREE

Free to-do list manager, suitable as a personal task list organizer, and for small project management. Pure freeware todo application with stylish "zen" design. For more professional/business use, we recommend you to download and try our Swift To-Do List instead.More Info…


I just want to tell you that, quite honestly, Swift To-Do List 7 is one of the most pleasant surprises I've run across in years. I am a veteran computer user and since the days of MS-DOS, I've used some of the very best Personal Information Manager (PIM) including ECCO Professional, Lotus Organizer, InfoSelect, several generations of Outlook, Chandler, Remember the Milk, GQueues, and Agenda At Once.

In my honest opinion, none of them compares to Swift To-Do List (STDL).

Why? Because while STDL and most of the PIMs I've used have the same basic features, STDL beats them all in terms of being "just right" to the point of being fun to use. With most PIMs, you go through a learning curve in which you must conform to someone else's idea of what to-do list is. In the case STDL, you designed it in such a way that I was comfortable using it right away. In fact, unlike other PIMs, it has inspired me to be more productive. That's important because I run several businesses.

Every feature and design attribute is thought out so precisely -- with so much care and intelligence. Thank you once again Jiri for making every day more productive and fun!
Eddie K, UK
The mind is everything. What you think you become.
Wow! You've created a fabulous tool for organizing... not just tasks but ideas, resources, books, files, sheet music, lots of things. Swift To-Do is easy to use and VERY effective.
Bob M., USA
I love your program! Its made me so much more focused... finally my work is not chasing me... I love the control i have now :)

Deepti V, India
The Swift To-Do List is exceptionally well thought out. It is certainly the finest ToDo, Task, Goal, Project Management tool around. Congratulations on your programming skills, your country seems to be the home of many programming geniuses.
Chuck Gallozzi, Canada
Swift To-Do List is a fine tool and really helps in daily business.
Thomas L., Germany
I can't tell you enough what a joy it was to find your Swift To-Do List and how much I enjoy using it. I think almost any fool can take something simple and make it more complex and hard to comprehend or use, but it takes real skill to do what you have done: take the complex and make it simple and fun to learn and use. Already I can't live without your wonderful program and it's only been a week! Thank you! Also an excellent value for the money.
Moulton A., USA
I just wanted to let you know how much I love this tool! My staff now uses Swift To-Do List and they also love it. Congrats on creating a powerful and easy to use application. Between your support and your product, I am extremely excited. You guys are GREAT!
Tim H., USA
Very very close to perfect! This is one of the few programs that's WORTH the money.
Dale S., USA
I had mastered it in about 10 minutes. When I started thinking "I wish it could do this" - I soon discovered that it DID do it! Thank you so much - I feel more organized already!
Bruce F, USA

Our software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 with both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

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