Mind Collected

Personal visual database organized by tags - new software for Windows
Personal visual database organized by tags

Visually catalog and connect ideas and things from your life.

Each object in your visual database has a picture, name, tags, rich notes, and connections to other items.

Mind Collected can automatically search and download pictures for your objects from the Internet, or you can use your own photos.

Mind Collected is your new super-brain

  • Remember and learn things faster and better. All you have to do is to visually catalog the things and concepts you want to learn, and connect them with other things you've already collected. Your brain will do the rest automatically - it will see it all.
  • Master any subject quickly
  • Change your thinking - by visually cataloging things and ideas, you will make them "psychoactive" and prime yourself to automatically think about them more often with no additional effort on your part.
  • Change your behavior - by visually cataloging and connecting ideas and habits, you are more likely to act accordingly. For example, entering a specific healthy food into your visual database will make you more likely to buy, order and eat it in the future.
  • Re-live your favorite memories and times of your life. Easily and quickly make a gallery of the things, activities, games, people or places you love.
  • Build your own visual collection over time. The more items your collection has, the more valuable it becomes.

Knowledge is power - are you ready for the Information Age?

Exponential growth of information, books, courses, resources, ideas and apps is exploding. More books, articles and papers are released every year than the year before.

People are forced to change their jobs more often than ever - every 4 years on average!

This is also a golden opportunity though: If you are able to learn better and faster than others, you will have a tremendous advantage and earn more money.

If you start getting ahead by using your new super-brain, people will talk with you and then scratch their heads: "How do you keep up with it all? How do you know all that?!"

Collect your mind, collect your life, collect anything!

You can use Mind Collected to collect, organize and remember just about anything:

  • Knowledge and information
  • Physical things
  • Ideas and concepts
  • People
  • Experiences and memories
  • Photos
  • Habits
  • Projects
  • Books, movies, music
  • YouTube videos or songs
  • Recipes
  • Inventories of your possessions, including detailed information (e.g. warranty)
  • Wish lists and gift ideas
  • Locations and places (e.g. that you've visited or would like to visit), travel ideas
  • Subjects you want to learn and master

There are no limits - you can literally enter anything into your new visual database.

You can also assign URL or file shortcuts to objects (so they can open a file, folder or a website when double-clicked.)

Even with thousands of entries, you can still quickly navigate and find items using a quick filtering or tag navigation.

Mind Collected automatically recognizes primary and secondary tags and organizes your collection efficiently, so it's always easy to navigate.

Mind Collected is wonderful new software. It offers an innovative and fun way of collecting new information. Jiri Novotny is very passionate about his software and provides exceptional support. (...) It doesn’t get any better than this!
Brenton R, Australia

Each item in your database has rich notes that support hyperlinks (including to other items!), formatting, images, tables, import/export from DOCX (Word) and more.

You can of course perform a full-text search on your database (just press Ctrl+Enter when submitting your search query).

Are you a visual person with under-utilized visual cortex?

You have a visual cortex in your brain. It is a super-powerful part of your brain, capable of processing vast amount of information very quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, when we work with computers, our visual cortex is usually severely underutilized. We work with endless "walls of texts", which are difficult to quickly and efficiently navigate, understand, remember and organize.

Working with "walls of text" is no fun!

By allowing you to visualize any piece of information, Mind Collected gives you the power to unlock the full potential of your visual cortex. You can finally put the 538 million neurons that form your visual cortex to work!

That's not all though. Magic starts happening when you start connecting the items in your database to other items, even across categories. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of your brain, you will literally grow new synapses and neurons in your brain. You will remember, learn and understand all the related information better, and start getting new creative ideas.

Mind Collected is simply great software! After only a few minutes, I was collecting, indexing, and tagging thoughts, files, notes, and websites.

Mind Collected gives me the ability to organize anything and everything!
Alex B, USA

3 tools in 1

Mind Collected acts as your:

  • Personal visual knowledge base to collect and organize everything important to you
  • Learning and research tool to master any new subject quickly
  • Brain-enhancement tool. Greatly enhance your memory and learning abilities by creating new associations and growing new neurons and synapses. This all happens automatically when you use Mind Collected, since it is a visual tool. You can even gradually change your thinking and behavior by visually exposing yourself to desired ideas, actions and habits, when you collect them in your database. (This is called "priming" in psychology.)

And, it's portable! You can easily sync it across all your Windows computers using Dropbox, SkyDrive or other cloud service.

Try it yourself - download the free, fully functional 30-day trial of Mind Collected and start entering things that are important or interesting to you. See what happens. Unlock your inner genius.


Any questions? We'd love to answer them!

Compatible with:
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Mind Collected

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