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3 Effective Time Management Tips

Time is a very precious and priceless commodity. Whatever you've done with it is something you will never be able to recover. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.

Developing the skills to manage time is a long journey. And for the journey to be fruitful, it needs careful planning. It also needs constant repetition of things and learning from mistakes.

One very important thing that will help anyone to manage time is to become aware how it is being used, and at the end of the day asking one's self, "Have I spent my time correctly?"

Below are simple guides to effectively manage your time:

  1. Develop good habits – The major time wasters are those habits taking up too much of your time that you tend to forget other more important things.

    Say for example, too much work, making you have less time for family. Time management calls for balance. Your time cannot be spent solely on one thing, simply because there are so many things you can do, you have 24 hours every day. It is important to develop "good habits" as they can help you accomplish more from the time you have spent doing those things.

  2. Have a Daily/Weekly/Monthly planner – Having a short and long term planner helps you to be organized. This way, no task will be left undone or done with delay.

    For the daily planner, jot down your appointments advisably, in chronological order. Check each item as you complete them. This way, whatever it is that is left unattended for today will be attended to tomorrow.

    The long term planner, on the other hand, will help you assess your goal in life. This one takes careful planning.

  3. Re-assess your journey - While enjoying the adventures of life, it is important that you are maintaining your alignment with your ultimate goal.

    Have a regular interval of having a self-check if you are lagging behind or allotting too much onto a certain activity.

Wouldn't it be amazing if apart from yourself, you will be assisted by a time management tool? This is where a task manager is needed.

The task manager need not be a specific person, prone to boredom, fatigue, and stress. A to-do list application is a much better alternative: It will allow you to indicate your task items #1. Make it your personal reminder on things that you have not accomplished yet.

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