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How To Do List Can Save You

All our actions are driven by the urge to achieve something in our lives. Although we may not see it, everything we do or want to achieve can be broken down to a set of simple tasks. We do tasks in our day to day life to achieve results.

We set goals for ourselves so we don’t lose sight of what we want to accomplish. In other words, we are results-oriented by nature in nearly everything we do. However, it is not adequate to simply recognize and understand that you have goals; it is important to have a written to do list to help you reach your goals.

Having a written list of goals is a tremendous leap in the direction of getting organized and taking control of your life. Now, knowing to what extent can a written list of goals help you, imagine what a list of all your tasks could do for you. It will help and save you in many ways, some of which are noted below.

  • A to do list can free up your mind of all the things and tasks that you otherwise need to remember. This relieves probably the largest burden of your mind, saving you energy and enabling you to avoid stress.

    Having a software to manage your tasks can keep your head clear as you do not have to remember dozens and hundreds of tasks and all the information associated to them.

  • A to do list helps you stay organized. It saves you from disarray and helps you to stay systematic and put your life order. It prevents things you need to do from falling through the cracks.

  • A to do list can put things in perspective and save you from being misled by the simplicity or complexity of a task. When you assign priority, due date, and write a description for a task it becomes much clearer as to what is involved in completing the task.

  • An important and fundamental aspect of any to do list is the ability to not just have an organized list of things to do but also to prioritize the tasks. What good is a list if it does not let you manage your time effectively? A to do list does not serve any purpose if it cannot be prioritized.

    Having a to do list gives you the means to prioritize tasks and manage your time schedule. Therefore, a to do list can save you from doing things in the wrong order, mismanagement, and help you complete more important tasks first thus helping you stay on top of things.

  • Time is of the essence for anyone, anywhere, anytime. So it is of paramount importance that we have a system to manage our time and schedule. Clearly having a to do list gives you a clear picture of what and when you need to do, thereby allowing you to manage your time more effectively.

  • Effective management of your time will lead to increased productivity and will enable you to get things done on time, free up more time for you to relax and lead a peaceful, stress less and a happy life. A to do list can save you from inefficiency and unnecessary busy schedule. It helps you feel more satisfied with your life.

  • One of the undesirable habits of many people is procrastination. I am confident when I say nearly everyone hates to procrastinate and would like to get rid of that habit.

    Procrastination is at its highest when you have too many things to do and no clear order of approaching them. You tend to mismanage and then the deadlines start to slip and you eventually procrastinate your tasks, failing to achieve your goals.

    A powerful solution is to have an organized to do list that can save you from procrastination. It may eventually break and dominate the habit of procrastination completely.

  • Without a mechanism to manage your list of things to do there is a tendency to focus on one task so much that you lose track of other tasks and the overall objective is lost.

    In other words, if there is nothing to help you track and see the priority of your tasks you could end up wasting too much time and focus on low priority tasks and miss the far more valuable high priority tasks. A to do list can save you from over focusing.

  • There is a tendency in people to become complacent and take it lightly when there are not held accountable. A to do list can clearly show you the status of the task and whether it will be completed on time or will slip the due date. Since you are almost all the time aware of the consequences of not completing tasks on time, seeing the status of tasks can make you feel accountable because you will know whether you are on track or not. A to do list therefore can give you a sense of accountability and help you get things done on time.

  • A to do list can save you from being side tracked for whatever reasons. It gives you a chance to evaluate the situation and to bring yourself back on track before you wander out into the plains of procrastination.

  • Another advantage of having a to do list is that it lets you time and pace your tasks at your own will so you don’t feel pressured to do too many things in too short of a duration. In other words, it saves you from overloading your to do list with unrealistic tasks.

  • A to do list also gives you a sense of fulfillment and can make you feel rewarded when you actually mark tasks complete. It can save you from a monotonous process of simply taking care of things to making it more enjoyable, pleasant, rewarding, and give you a feeling of accomplishment and success.

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