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How to Prepare for a Project Using PC Task Organizers

And it finally came. That thing that you've been wanting to happen has taken place and yet you dread the day when it will finally arrive. Yes, your boss has now delegated the company's upcoming project to you.

You're the big boss now. You have a number of people under your command. The tasks that are upcoming seem to be pretty complicated and when broken down into smaller tasks would generate multitudes of task. You do know how to perform the tasks but you have a very poor memory to remember each small task. And with a lot of people to work with, you are sure that you will have a very big headache.

That doesn't have to be the case. There are a lot of productivity tools that can help you finish your project on time with very minimal hassles like task organizers, checklists, online to-do lists and more. Using any of these productivity tools, here's how you can start off with your project:

  1. Identity the tasks that you need to get done. Using a PC task organizer, you can easily manage your tasks by dividing them into different categories and putting “sub-tasks” for each. Once you input a particular task, you can then create notes pertaining to the task, track it's progress, be reminded when it's due and tick it off when it's done.

  2. Identify the key persons responsible for each task. You can do this by adding notes on your tasks or saving the key person's personal details in your address book (also provided by your task organizer). You can save your team member's phone numbers, email address, birthday (if you want that remembered), address and more.

    Most address books would allow you to group your contacts so you can group them according to the task that they are required to perform.

  3. Do not procrastinate, act now! Do not wait for the alarm in your task organizer to go off before you start with the task or responsibility that is delegated to you. What you should always aim at is that before the alarm goes off, you should have finished the job already.

  4. Work with your team to achieve desired results. Of course, all your goals, tasks, deadlines and responsibilities should be shared within your team and you can do so with your task organizer's sharing feature. You can then send and publish tasks and lists with your team so you don't have to be physically together just to get things done.

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