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Improve Your School Results With Personal Organizer

Get better results during your studies using task management software. Although I'll write mostly about college students, students of other educational facilities should find useful information on the topic of personal productivity as well.

When your goal is getting yourself smoothly through a college or a university, there is nothing more important than good organization of your tasks and proper usage of time management techniques. The intention of this text is to clarify the connection between the strengths of using a task management software and the systematic management of your time, goals and duties.

For someone who is new to college life, the amount of things freshmen have to do is quite overwhelming. That's the point where personal organizer software comes on the scene. At this time, Swift To-Do List may save your school life, time, effort, and nerves. Let's get started!

Student's Swift To-Do List

As you can see in the picture, Swift To-Do List allows you to organize your tasks by adding them in different to-do lists. This is a very important thing when you want to get your work precisely organized. Categorizing by topic has always been the most simple, yet powerful way to put an organization system in.

The “recurring task” feature brings you the opportunity to be repeatedly reminded of a task or an event after defined periods of time. This becomes extraordinarily helpful when it comes to regular school events such as lectures, seminars, or exercises. It’s a common phenomenon amongst students, that they are often late for those.

With Swift To-Do List built-in recurrent reminder the problem is solved once and for all. It’s the easiest thing in the world – just setup the recurring tasks in such a way so they alarm you in advance before your lectures start. You will have enough time to get ready, get to your school, and not miss anything. You can also make Swift To-Do List send you reminders via email, don’t miss anything ever again!

Another highly important feature of any planner is editing the current percentage of completion. What does it mean to you? Even more control over your work. If you decide to use this feature, you can easily check on the state of your project just by looking at the progress of every single task.

Not only you can direct your focus more efficiently, but taking advantage of this feature also helps as a personal development tool, because observing your progress gives you the ability to see how much you procrastinate and whether you finish all your tasks properly or not.

It would be a shame not to mention the great ability to set priorities. Rationally setting a priority level to your tasks forces you to focus on the most important tasks first, even though your subconsciousness would probably do it's best to avoid them as long as possible. By setting a priority to a task, you just leave yourself no space for procrastination.

One of the most dangerorous mistakes made by students is postponing their assignments, leading to unbearable stress level caused by upcoming deadlines. Giving a high priority to a task, which needs a lot of your time and attention, is the key. It alarms you in time, so you are aware of the fact that it's inevitable to start working on it immediately. Ignoring high priority task feels much more uncomfortable. It is proven.

Swift To-Do List will not do your work for you, but if you choose to take advantage of its many useful and advanced features, organizing your work and your life will become much easier. It's just up to you!

Download Swift To-Do List today and give it a try. It will make your life better, whether you are a student or not.

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