Articles about task management and productivity

Personal Productivity Tips

  • Group similar tasks to avoid too many reminders clutter up the computer screen.
  • Prioritize Tasks so that the most important tasks are completed first.
  • Be Realistic in setting up due dates and reminders. Don’t be over optimistic in setting goals.
  • Choose appropriate times for due date and reminders. For instance, it does not make sense to set up a reminder in the evening to call someone if you know that they are not going to be available in the evening.
  • Don’t set up too many things to do everyday so that none of them get accomplished.
  • Everything seems important and urgent but moderation is the key. Don’t be compulsive to set too many tasks for the same time.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Always keep yourself motivated to complete the scheduled tasks. For instance, if you get a reminder for a task then act upon it. Otherwise, the task pile will keep growing.
  • I read somewhere: “Plan your work and work your plan”. This is by far the best advice anyone can get. If you don’t plan your tasks or don’t work on your planned tasks in a timely fashion then it is senseless to set up tasks.
  • Planning and Execution are key factors in improving productivity. You don’t want to be good planner and bad executioner or you don’t want to be bad planner and good executioner. You need to be good planner and executioner.
  • Set up only value added tasks and tasks that are easy to forget and require your attention.
  • Review the following day’s tasks everyday evening, keep things/materials ready on hand and stay ahead of the curve. Set tasks at least a day in advance. Be proactive and well positioned in planning tasks.
  • Best way to start setting up tasks is to write down the tasks without first worrying about urgency (priority) and due dates. Pick the most important tasks and then work with them.
  • Personal/Appointment diaries and day planners don’t remind you of tasks/appointments. If you are one of the guys who works on a computer most of the time then Swift To-Do List software is for you. Several features not found in a day planner are available in Swift To-Do List software.
  • Breakdown larger tasks into smaller tasks.
  • Set up most difficult tasks for times when you are most productive.
  • Set up most difficult tasks first so that they are dealt with on a high priority basis.
  • Reward yourself for completing difficult and unpleasant tasks so you keep yourself motivated.
  • Nothing is more important than PUNCTUALITY. Stay on top of things by being on time.
  • Try to finish a task once you started working on it unless it is evident that it will cause severe disruptions at which point you can re-assign this stubborn task for a later date and time.
  • Good time management involves timely and appropriate delegation. Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to others. This can be very useful in completing multiple tasks at the same time and obtaining free time for your own tasks.
  • Keep track of how you are doing with your task planning. There is always an opportunity for continuous improvement. Productivity improvement is not a one time skill that you acquire and you’re done. It is a dynamic process that needs continuous management.
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