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Project Management Basics

Managing a simple project is a discipline including advanced planning, securing resources, and organizing work to reach success. It doesn't matter which field of human activity we work in, the tools we use to get through the job most efficiently are usually the same.

In spite of the fact that project management is a really complex and compelling matter, it is possible to conclude a few basic recommendations for everyone who is about to start a project requiring a lot of attention and effort.

There are schools and seminars on the topic of project management, so this short article is focusing more on the simple projects which are mostly concerns of freelancers or small business owners. I mentioned freelancers because nobody can write a to-do list for them and they should think about managing their time and resources a lot.

The first phase of every project should be analysis. There are important questions you should get solved before you even start a project.

One of the most important things is to research the market. You should find out how many similar projects have already been launched and get to know your competition.

Can your project offer anything new? Are you producing a better product than the others? Considering these questions, you should decide whether you are really sure about starting the project at the first place. You should always be aware of the risks you are taking.

Even when you are sure about the quality of your ideas, it's absolutely necessary to do financial analysis, which means measuring costs, possible benefits and the budget. What does it take to execute the project? What will you need on your way to success? Can you afford it? It's important not to forget to write down an estimated amount of time you need to finish your project.

If you are offered to execute a project of someone else for a pay, you should also decide whether you can finish it within the deadline they set up and your current situation, considering your abilities and activities.

When you have planned your project, you need to be able to manage it somehow and track the actual progress you’re making. The easiest way to do so is to use a powerful project management software.

Project management tool such as Swift To-Do List can be crucial for the success of your project. You should know exactly what and when tasks should be done, which of them can be worked on simultaneously, which tasks you can work on only after you complete other tasks before them etc.

Creating a project structure broken down into specific tasks will provide you with a complete picture of the project, enabling you to have a plan to work along with.

It’s crucial that the project management application isn’t too complex, otherwise it will abduct your focus from the actual project. Swift To-Do List is very simple yet flexible in this regard.

In the progress of started work, you must be constantly monitoring the process. Are you where you planned to be? If the answer is a “no”, what must be done to make a correction? Keeping an eye on the work is necessary in order to finish within the deadline.

If you stick with these few basic principles, you should be able to finish the project and what's very important – finish it on time.

Having a reliable project management software like Swift To-Do List can sometimes make all the difference.

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