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Self-Employed Time Management Tips

The increasing opportunities for individuals to work and earn at home have increased rapidly for the past decade. A lot of individuals have actually taken the plunge and gave up their regular 8-hour jobs for opportunities to earn at home. However, most of them failed.

The failure is not due to external factors but it started within. Time management skills, a very basic yet very difficult skill to master, seem to be very lacking from individuals who have started to venture into the freelancing world. Working at home requires that you adhere on a daily task schedule.

Here are some time management tips of successfully self-employed individuals that can surely help you achieve your goals:

  1. Perform and focus on one task at a time. There is always something to do when you are self-employed and it gets pretty hard to work on a regular schedule because of time constraints.

    Instead of fretting and whining about how much work needs to be done, finish one task at a time. You also have to learn how to delegate especially if you have other people working with you. If none, then you can always outsource certain tasks.

  2. Assess your progress and clean up done and redundant tasks. After you've outlined the tasks that you need to perform, you need to be able to check how much progress you've done and clean up at least every week.

    During your assessment, see where the progress was made and what should be done next. There might be some elements in that particular task that won’t be needed anymore. Consistent clean up and assessment is an important part of time management because it provides you with a clear insight of what has been done and a better foresight on what else needs to be performed to meet the deadline.

  3. Get a good task manager software. Your tasks, deadlines, to-dos and events need to be handled and managed by an efficient task manager software.

    These programs often offer not just task management, but also reminders, notes, to-do lists and other features that can be very helpful if you want to effectively manage your time and beat your deadline.

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