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The Best To-Do List Software

The modern day gadgets were supposed to add simplicity to the life of humans, but instead it has become much more complex. Every moment of your life is crowded by millions of things you need to do, things you have to do and so on! If you really want to take some out of your entire busy schedule and give some time to life then best to-do software might prove to be quite a help. It helps you keep track of time and also helps improving the quality of your life by giving you time for other activities.

There are many different types of to-do list software. The major ones being:

  • Web based – these are hosted on remote areas that are the server of another computer
  • PC based - these are the ones that are in your own personal computer.
  • Smart phone based - these are the ones that help you work through your smart phones.

The most important thing is to find out which software provides you with all the features you require. This article is going to focus on Swift To-Do List. Swift To-Do List is a feature packed powerful to-do list software. Apart from being rich in features the best part about this software is that it’s very user friendly. There are many new age features associated with this product. Some are listed here:

  • It has an organized hierarchal tree structure with icons.
  • The best part is that its inbuilt reminder has various options and can be personalized according to various tasks.
  • A notes panel is there to easily edit notes for your tasks.
  • To do lists can be exported to Excel (CSV) or HTML.
  • Advanced printing options are supported.
  • Task list is fully customizable as per priority, date or any way that is required.
  • Sorting of task is another high end feature. Tasks can be sorted by due date, type, priority, subject or any other criteria.
  • Various view modes and task filters are also provided.

When you are doing a task the foremost thing is to set your priorities and then go forward. Various tasks can be accomplished in a systematic manner by forming task lists and check lists and doing it in the right manner. Here the Swift To-Do List comes to aid. Swift To-Do List can be used to regulate the day to day activities. It can keep record and organize the work in a way in which it becomes more productive.

This software stands out for its flexibility and features. You can download the fully functional trial version right now.

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