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To-Do Lists vs. Post-It Notes

There are times when we get confused about the things that we should do and the tasks that we need to finish in a time period. The dilemma is what should you use to manage your tasks, projects and to-do lists? The to-do lists vs. post-it notes war rages on.

To-do list vs. Post-it Round 1: Capacity to remind you about tasks more efficiently.

You can write each task that you need to perform in one post-it note and before you know it, you'll have a pile of post-it notes cluttered in your computer monitor or desk.

On the other hand, creating a to-do list on your computer will not clutter your desk or monitor but your task and to-dos will be neatly compiled in one corner of your desktop and can get easily sorted on different criteria.

To-do list vs. Post-it Round 2: Affordability

To-do lists applications are available online for free although some are being offered for a fee. If you opt for a free version, all you have to do is to install them in your computer and you're off set.

While post-its are not very expensive, the expenses that you might incur from years of purchasing post-it notes can still amount to a considerable amount, which you could invest into a to-do list software that’s not going to run out on you.

To-do list vs. Post-it Round 3: Features and Usability

To-do list applications are not just for creating a list of the tasks and responsibilities that you need to get done. Some programs offer certain features like reminders, recurrence, calendar, calculator, and other organizing functions.

If you're done with a task, you just tick it off the list. If you need to focus on one task before the rest, you can set a higher priority for it or even create subtasks. You can also set a reminder so you can get started on a project in time and even track how long you have been working on the project. These are just examples.

So who won the battle? Go figure. I need to be off to download my newest To-Do list program, and Swift To-Do List looks darn good.

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