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Announcement: Sync Service Maintenance on Saturday 2/4

Please notice the Sync Service may be unavailable during a scheduled maintenance on Saturday 2/4.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will resume normal operation as soon as possible. This maintenance should improve the stability of the Sync Service.

Thank you for your understanding!

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  • Nefercat

    My Swift To Do 10 has not functioned for several weeks now and I have received no response to repeated requests for support. What is going on?

    • Jan Novotný

      I’m sorry to hear that, however we have never received any messages from you. Try writing an email directly to support@dextronet.com

    • Diana Zimmerman

      Mine is saying that I my subscription has expired, when I just purchased it in 10.2017. Multiple emails from me asking for support. Crickets!

      • Nefercat

        I received an answer on this post in August which has since disappeared, claiming that they had not received any messages from me. I still have the notification in my email and this is the response I received to my comment:

        “Jan Novotný
        Hello, I’m sorry to hear that, however we have never received any messages from you. Try writing an email directly to support@dextronet.com
        Along with filling out the error report multiple times, I had already sent three emails, two to the support email address and one directly to Jiri. None of them bounced back as undeliverable. I received no response whatsoever.

        I have used Swift To Do for several years and it is a truly excellent product but only if it functions and is supported. I just forwarded the multiple emails I sent in August to the support email address. We’ll see what happens.

      • Nefercat

        Well, as of today, neither Jiri nor John has responded to the emails I sent on 11/17 and 11/21.

        I would not advise anyone to spend money on Swift to Do, which is a shame because in the past the product and service were excellent. Now, they have taken my money but won’t provide the product.

  • Nefercat

    I could not re-subscribe earlier this month because it made no sense to spend money on a non-functioning product with no support, but I paid for a year’s use and only had a few month’s use and should be able to access my database (built over several years) and export it to a csv file.

    Please explain how I can obtain a copy of my database.

    I really don’t understand the utter and total refusal to support or even acknowledge a paying customer.

  • Nefercat

    I would not recommend any Dextronet products to anyone. There is absolutely no, none, zero customer support. Absolutely no response to numerous requests for help over many months. I should be able to use my expired Swift To Do on my desktop without syncing, but since it crashes on start up I cannot access it to export my YEARS of data to a reliable product with responsive customer support.

    I don’t know what happened to Dextronet, but they have utterly failed as a company. They took my money and refuse to provide the product I paid for.

    • John Cesta

      I gave it a shot. The PC version and online seemed to be very good. But the android version simply does not sync. Numerous emails to support EVENTUALLY got me a simple, “we are working on it.” answer. That was it.
      My trial has since expired and a few more emails to say that I would sign up once they get the android version working returned NOTHING. Crickets as they say.

      Oh, well. I suppose I save $99