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Best Of This Blog (Part 2)

Since publishing the first summary of the best posts, many new posts were written on this blog. It’s time for another recap baby!

The posts published since the last summary can be divided into three main categories:

  • Productivity posts: How to do more in less time and be happier
  • Swift To-Do List related posts: Tips, tricks, news, highlights.
  • Getting Things Done posts – GTD tutorial by our guest writer Brian

So, without further ado, here goes. Enjoy!

Productivity posts:

Swift To-Do List related:

GTD posts:

What I think

I’m really happy about the direction this blog is taking. While I am usually fully focused on development, you bet I will keep bringing you new intriguing posts in the future.

The exceptional success of the “10 best tricks of fooling myself to work” post has really humbled me as a writer (and marketer). It was the most successful piece I’ve ever written – just the thousands of shares on social media are truly mind-blowing to me. That being said, I am still better software designer than blogger and writer. But I will keep working at it ;-)

And hey, check out also the previous “Best Of This Blog (Part 1)

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