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Swift To-Do List 10 is safe to install

Updatestar recently confirmed that Swift To-Do List 10 is safe to install.

You can see the rating here:

In our software, we’ve always been focusing on installation easiness and safety.

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2 Responses to “Swift To-Do List 10 is safe to install”

  1. Nefercat says:

    It’s not safe to install if you care about customer support and actually receiving the product you paid for. I tried for months last year by email and crash reports to get ANY acknowledgements that my Swift-To-Do was crashing on start-up and received NO response except a blog comment (later deleted) that I should do what I had already done (contact customer support). Oh, and a notice that I was being auto-billed for another year of no product and no service. Obviously contacting customer support would not have helped but the billing service was able to stop the auto payment.

    I have been a customer for years and have no idea why I was treated this way. Even without subscribing I should be able to use my STDL as a desktop application, but I can’t since it crashes.

    I had years of data, the latest version of which exists only in the cloud that I was not able to access for months. This is data that I paid for and should be able to access to use on my desktop.

    What a terrible way to treat paying customers.

    • Dextronet CEO says:

      Hi Nefercat,

      I am very sorry for the bad support experience! We’ve had some unfortunate issues with our support staff and a 3rd party customer support software that we’ve finally resolved some time ago.

      Please, if this is still relevant, send an email to support@dextronet.com and we’ll help you to get your data back.

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