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Swift To-Do List 9 released!

New Swift To-Do List 9 has been officially released!

Download the new Swift To-Do List and check it out for yourself.

Swift To-Do List 9 - Spreadsheets

This is a very exciting release, as it takes Swift To-Do List to a completely new level.

Check out what’s new in the new version 9 and see the screenshots.

Among other things, the new version allows you to get organized with spreadsheets and sticky notes.

What happens when you can organize all your tasks, notes, reminders, AND spreadsheets AND sticky notes in a single organizer software?

Well, you can manage and track all your stuff in a single place! This is extremely liberating and gets you in total control of your work and life.

The new version has been received extremely well – most people who’ve used it absolutely love it.

There are more things to come, too!

What’s coming next?

1. Finished Sync feature. We are working hard on finishing the sync feature (currently in Beta), which allows you to collaborate with other people and keep Swift To-Do List synchronized on multiple computers using a secure cloud. Swift To-Do List 9 includes a completely new sync feature re-written from scratch, and we are doing our maximum to finish it.

2. Companion mobile apps for iOS and Android, planned to be released in late February 2014. At first, these will be simple (mostly an inbox), but eventually they should allow you to do important operations with your tasks and notes.

3. Companion web-app, planned to be released in February 2014. The new web-app will more feature-rich, and resemble the Windows version. You will be able to use it from any computer, even when you are on the go. It will be of course fully synchronized with the Windows and mobile versions.

I think that year 2014 will be the biggest year for Swift To-Do List yet.

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7 Responses to “Swift To-Do List 9 released!”

  1. Mr. Waffles says:


    I have been using Swift To-Do since v8, and I’m loving v9. At first I wasn’t sure if I should upgrade from v8 Ultimate, but I went ahead anyway and I have no regrets. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the ribbon and stickies as much as I do. The ribbon is great for pinning shortcuts to my favorite commands and filters. As for stickies, I can’t imagine Swift To-Do without them now after only a few weeks. I initially thought they would be gimmicky, but I was wrong. Being able to pull a few tasks from my backlog (this is the key: being fully integrated into the rest of Swift To-Do and not a stand-alone sticky utility), arrange them in order on my desktop, minimize Swift To-Do, and then get working is incredible. It calms the overwhelming feeling I get from a large task list. while editing notes and clicking “Set as Done” when complete is incredible. As a bonus, I can add task notes and set the task as complete right from the sticky, without ever opening Swift To-Do List.

    I can’t wait for the companion web app and iOS apps so I have a way to quickly add tasks if an idea comes to me on my commute or in the evening.

    Thanks for Swift To-Do 9.

    • JiriNovotny says:

      Dear Mr. Waffles,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support!

      Me and my team are very happy that you find Swift To-Do List valuable and helpful in your work. May it serve you well for years to come. You are the reason we go to work every day.

      Also, thank you for sharing your experience with the sticky notes – “pulling out” just the few tasks you want to focus on in the form of sticky notes is a brilliant idea!

    • Joel1245 says:

      I have to join in and say the ribbon and the sticky notes was a good idea as well. I’m also loving the fact that I can expand the notes section. I’m also liking the spreadsheet feature which has allowed me to change around the way I do some things, making them easier in that sense. Thanks for adding these.

  2. Danilo Chiantia says:

    Hi Jiri,
    the excel reduced dramatically the number of tasks/memo to be created. Now I’ve only to dedicate a few minutes every day to Swift to do list.
    Happiness and success,

    • JiriNovotny says:

      Hi Danilo,
      That’s excellent to hear! I am happy you find Swift To-Do List useful to you in your work and life.

      Have an incredible day Danilo, and best of luck in all your projects and endeavors! :)

  3. Neoma says:

    If I have the last version of Swift To-Do 8, to move to 9 is it the full price or is there a version upgrade price? Thanks so much!

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