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What is stress?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or demotivated, you might like to know why. It is not always clear. You might blame some particular project or thing that has happened in your life, but the underlying cause is much simpler:


Worries, tasks, details that must be remembered – all these cause stress – but only when they are stored in the wrong place: your head. It is extremely hard to remember and organize everything only using your head. You need to use another approach.

How to resolve stress?

It’s simple: Put the stuff from your head somewhere else! For example, you can put it into our task and notes management application “Swift To-Do List”. It has been designed especially to help you get organized easily and quickly. You need to write task lists, take notes, and organize them nicely. Swift To-Do List allows you to use 144 different icons that make organizing fun.

When you move the the stuff out of your head into your computer, you will free your mental resources. You will be able to focus. You will be able to work, and more importantly, enjoy your work again. Do it today.

If your computer can remember it instead of you, it should!

You can learn more about the benefits of writing things down in a previous post “How to upgrade your brain“.

Writing things down also does wonders when you are struggling with procrastination.

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2 Responses to “What is stress?”

  1. kevin whiteman says:

    the different icons make it easy to arrange my to do lists. I can easily recognize what my to do list is by just looking at the icon, great feature. especially handy in the morning when im sleepy :)

  2. Somveer Shila says:

    My stress is over head to my life but i can’t solve it
    i don’t know who ideas care my self please give me some example for i can down my stress so my lovely friends give example for stress
    I respect every one but my elder don’t respect me just i feel so crazy …….

    I’ve no more idea to stress??????………
    My life is a boring, how can spend my life to easy to else

    My self :- Somveer and I study in B.a 1st Year
    I’m a normal student to another people but I can’t reach my target to success so give me a example to reach my target (head to success) and I can a make my dream life and spend my every time to enjoyment and success …..

    Give me a example to how can spend my life is so cool is so perfect to another people and I can’t a normal person to another people

    Somveer singh shila
    Gmail:- shilasomveer@gmail.com
    whatsaap no:- 8094043488

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