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10 quick fixes of motivation

Perhaps you are in a rut. Or just feeling like not working. Or your whole world is falling apart. Perhaps your friend have sent you a link to this post to help you get back on track.

Do you need to get motivated again? I’m here to help.

If you realize the following 10 things, it might not be so hard to get back on track.

Let’s get started.

1. You are GOD!

You are creating something from nothing. In my book, you are a god.

As Megaherz sing in their tune “Gott Sein ’04″:
Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein.

It means: It is not easy to be a god.

But damn, it is worth it!

2. The sky is NOT the limit!

In the grand scheme of things, you are literally building the universe. You are accelerating the process of evolution.

There is nothing more noble than making the world a better place. For you, for me, for everyone and everything.

3. I love you

Sometimes, it might seem like no one can appreciate what you do. It might seem like no one cares.

But know this: I do care. I have a deep admiration for all builders. I love you. You are the reason why life is great. I’m your raving fan in the first row, chanting your name, even when the hall is empty.

You are the DJ in this galactic party. If it weren’t for beings like you, there would be just rocks and stupid bored amoebas sucking the rocks, all covered in dust and darkness… or something like that :-)

4. Don’t forget to be grateful

Be grateful for what you have, whatever it is, because if you would’ve behaved like a quitter in the past, your life would completely suck now. I guarantee that.

It is easy to forget your past successes. But just stop for a moment, and think about all your past achievements. You’ve probably forgotten the excitement that came with each milestone in your life, but the excitement still lives inside you. Find it, and bring it out.

Sometimes I wish I could go back a couple of years, hug myself, and say to myself: “You are awesome. Thank you so much for clenching the teeth and spilling the sweat and blood when things got tough. My life rocks now – and I owe it all to you!”

5. Already given up? Bullshit!

If you think that you’ve already given up, I’m telling you: That’s bullshit!

The fact is that you’ve just paused for a while. We both know that you are now ready to resume rocking!

6. Figure it all out

If you need to catch your breath and figure things out, then do that. Take the time to think your life through. Make sure that you really want what you are striving to achieve.

Pen and paper (or a word processor) is the best friend of your sanity. Use them. Think on paper. Resolve all the lingering issues and insecurities, then recommit fully to your goal.

7. It is worth it

When you struggle, repeat this like a mantra: It is worth it. It is worth it. It is worth it

The pain and emptiness will always go away. It is worth it.

8. Shut the world off

When everything is screaming into your face, demanding attention, it’s hard to focus.

But you can always either make the distractions go away, or go away from them yourself. Letting the world spam your mind is entirely optional.

9. Grind on

However hard it is, you can always grind on. You may crawl like the tiniest worm, but crawl. Do the tiniest baby micro-step towards your goal, but freaking do it! And do it now.

10. Never stop dreaming

Never stop imagining how great your life is going when you achieve your goal.

Day-dreaming feels great. It can quickly pull you up from the dark cold reality.

Imagining the end brings you closer to it.

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2 Responses to “10 quick fixes of motivation”

  1. Earl says:

    Your words are amazing and completely in touch with my thoughts. Complete connection here. How can it be that I have looked for a to do list for 10 years (since Packrat imploded) and never found one I liked? Yet here, I found a program that works very, very well for me and then there is the Universal connection. May the light shine on and from us all.


  2. Jiri Novotny says:

    Hi Earl,

    I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to have you aboard! So happy that you’ve found us :)

    Stay with us, as myriads of awesome features, posts, and things are yet to come.


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