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Coming soon: Attach emails, embed file attachments

UPDATE 25th October, 2010: It will be possible to attach emails from Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla ThunderBird, and possibly other email clients. Unfortunately, it seems that PocoMail does not support drag & drop.

We are planning to release version 7.10 of Swift To-Do List in about a week. It will come with interesting new features.

Attach emails from Outlook (or other email programs)

Many users have requested this feature, and we listened! You will be finally able to drag & drop emails from Outlook (and other email programs) into task notes/attachments area in Swift To-Do List to attach them. This will store a copy of the email right in the Swift To-Do List database. You will be able to double-click it to open it again in Outlook (or other email program that you use) and reply to it, etc.

But that’s not all! Because we’ve made this feature very flexible, you can also attach calendar items, tasks and contacts from Outlook. You can also attach many different things from various other programs that have good drag & drop support (eg. many Microsoft Office programs, like OneNote).

Embed file attachments (= store files in Swift To-Do List)

Currently, all file attachments are shortcuts only. Therefore, these attachments don’t work if you carry your task database to another computer. Well, the version 7.10 will allow you to store files right in your task database (the .stdl file). This will make it easy to have all the relevant things in one place – tasks, notes, and now files attached to your tasks!

The biggest advantage is that if you carry the database to another computer, you still have the attached files readily available. Also, if you lose the files – you will have their copy in the database.

Other new features

We are also working on many other new features and improvements. I will talk about them later. The most important one is easy online synchronization (coming in 2-3 months). Feel free to send us your feature requests – we are always counting votes to prioritize our work.

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5 Responses to “Coming soon: Attach emails, embed file attachments”

  1. Jiri Novotny says:

    We are making significant progress. I expect this update to be ready in 4-5 days. Outlook will not be the only email program supported.

    Also, it will be possible to open the embedded attachments from Swift To-Do List, edit them, and then save the changes back into Swift To-Do List database.

  2. I would like to be able to send a task to my google calendar.

  3. Othe requests:
    An App to access To-Do list via phone would be great (Google App).
    Windows Gadget to show tasks in a window pinned to the desktop.
    Calendar within To-Do to show dates listed in tasks
    Check the Help->Check for Updates manual click for accurate version check

    Greatest product of its kind on the planet!

  4. Jiri Novotny says:

    Dallas: Thanks for the suggestions. We are working on a companion-web app that will allow you to access your tasks via mobile devices.

    Calendar is planned as well.

    Sticky notes created from tasks and to-do list are also planned.

    Yes, I’m aware of the “Check for updates” inaccuracy, it is intentional for now – we do not want to bombard users with updates too often, however, we will change this – when you are using it manually, it should always tell you about the new version.

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