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What we are up to in 2016: Swift To-Do List 10 is coming

As you know, in November 2015, we’ve released Swift To-Do List 9.50 with new greatly improved Secure Sync. Since then we’ve continued working hard on the Secure Sync as well as new features that we plan to introduce this year.

We are happy that many of you find the Secure Sync, our mobile apps and the web-app for Swift To-Do List helpful. You might have noticed that when using the Secure Sync, you mostly don’t get bothered with task edit conflicts and such. That’s because we want to make it as easy to use as possible. That is however a complicated job and occasionally in some edge cases, given the complexity and the amount of data we are managing in the Secure Sync, problems may take a little longer to solve than we would like to. We always appreciate your patience and assistance in identifying the root of the issue.

Now the big news – Swift To-Do List 10 is coming this year! If you own the current Swift To-Do List 9 subscription license, it will be a free upgrade for you.

Our main goal for Swift To-Do List 10 is now a long-awaited full Scheduler/Calendar. We will also introduce some other new features and improvements in the Secure Sync infrastructure.

Apart from that we plan on introducing new Team features to make it easier and more productive to use Swift To-Do List in organizations.

Also, updates to our companion mobile apps – such as background sync – are one the way.

We are super glad for all the positive feedback about Swift To-Do List helping you with your every day life, especially the Secure Sync. That gives us inspiration to continue working on Swift To-Do List and make it even better for you. Thank you!

May Swift To-Do List help you make 2016 truly great for you!

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One Response to “What we are up to in 2016: Swift To-Do List 10 is coming”

  1. Joel says:

    Any chance you guys could be a bit more competitive in your pricing in the future? I tried out the sync and it seems solid but I eventually had to pass on the subscription service due to the steep cost for just one user. Look around and take note of other subscription costs. Microsoft 365 Personal is at $70/yr. If STDL is going to be subscription-based at this point going forward, $100/yr for personal users seems excessively high. If you lower the cost, ideally, I would think you would bring more people in it seems to me. Just my opinion and the reason I had to pass but something to keep in mind.

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