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How to “Cure” Procrastination [video]

The key to ending procrastination isn’t to “just do it” – or to get yourself “psyched up”.

In fact, the answer is something that most people would never even guess.

If you’d like to cure your procrastination, and get more of the important things DONE in your life, then watch this new video from Eben Pagan (just opt-in to watch it free):

How To Cure Procrastination

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to cure and overcome procrastination for the LONG-TERM
  • How to create a habit of taking action, so you have less and less procrastination in your life automatically
  • The place to invest your attention and energy to get the HIGHEST return (in both your personal and business lives)
  • Why it’s critical to understand how willpower works, and how to use it for maximum results and productivity
  • How to design and create habits that last, and that keep “paying you back” for the long-term

There’s also a couple of downloads on the page with the video, including an exercise and a list of tips for curing procrastination and building lasting habits, so make sure to get those while you’re there.

Here’s the link again, just opt-in free to watch the video and get the PDF downloads – and to learn how to cure your procrastination:

How To Cure Procrastination

If you ever procrastinate, you need to see this.

By the way, the Eben’s Wake Up Productive training will open on Monday, and it will be available only for a few days until it closes, so watch out for the announcement on our Facebook page!

I am currently preparing a bonus package for you if you decide to enroll in the Eben’s Wake Up Productive training once it opens next week.

One of the bonuses I would like you to get is an exclusive preview copy of my new “Meta Productivity” training that I’ve been working on for the past 2 years – it’s 5 short e-books jam-packed with golden nuggets of productivity wisdom.

Once you combine it with the Wake Up Productive training, you will have your productivity, habits and procrastination solved for life.

I will tell you more and give you all the details soon. For now, enjoy the new video from Eben.

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2 Responses to “How to “Cure” Procrastination [video]”

  1. Hi!
    As a self improvement fan I love your products!
    So much so in fact that I am planning to promote them via my blog and twitter feed.

    One of the main things that attracted me to Dextronet was the fact that you still make products that are Windows based. This is very important for me as I don’t want to be limited by having to have an Internet connection to manage my tasks. Also, I want to use your products at work but placing work artifacts in the cloud is forbidden.

    OK, now for the suggestion. It would be really great if you had a product that could support the project management function. For now, I have been using a tool called GoalEnforcer, which is very good but does have its limitations.
    I have been on courses where managers have been crying out for such a tool. Something that is powerful yet simple. Something in between MS project and Excel.

    Do you have any plans to introduce such a product?


    • Jiri Novotny says:

      Hi Whil, thank you for your comment! You can usually use Swift To-Do List for small-scale project management. We currently don’t plan to create a full-scale project management tool.

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