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How to upgrade your brain

This is one of the best kept secrets of high personal productivity and stress elimination.

It is amazingly simple.

Perhaps we are spiritual beings with unlimited potential and our brains are amazing computers, but just like a desktop computer, it has limited capacity. You can only hold limited number of things in your mind, especially in your consciousness and “recent” subconsciousness. By recent subconsciousness, I mean things that were recently brought into your awareness – e.g. lots of small things that you shouldn’t forget about, daily business, worries, and so on.

All this stuff and worries are draining your mental resources. Your brain can’t focus 100% on the task at hand, because some parts of it are wandering the lands of “I can’t forget all this stuff”.

The amazingly simple way of upgrading your brain

All it takes to upgrade your brain is to write your thoughts down. Don’t write down just tasks and actionable items, but everything that is on your mind in any way.

Our personal organizer software can really help you with this, as you can organize not just tasks using it, but also any kind of notes. Swift To-Do List 7 can be a true extension to your brain. Using it is similar to purchasing a new hard-drive for your computer – the only difference is that it is for your head.

It can even remind you of tasks when needed (including recurring tasks). Organize all items in separate to-do lists with icons using drag & drop – it can’t be simpler.

New hardware for our brain? Now we are talking!

What should you write down and organize?

  1. All things that you should/want/must do
  2. All things that you shouldn’t forget about (especially your ideas!)
  3. All your worries
  4. All things that you are waiting for
  5. Everything else on your mind

Some issues are complex and can’t be written in a few words as a simple task. That’s why Swift To-Do List 7 supports memos as well. Simply write your train of thought down into a memo to relieve your racing mind.

Stress = Too much stuff in your head!

Once your thoughts are written, you can work with them in a much more efficient way and resolve them easily. And the best thing is – they won’t bother you anymore.

Getting organized can be not just a huge relief, but also fun!

Swift To-Do List 7 can extend your brain, eliminate stress and make you much, much more productive.

We’ve even added 144 different to-do list tree icons in 4 sizes and many customization options to make it work for you. Choosing custom icons for your to-do lists and memos makes organizing a fun experience.

To-do list icons

And I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying that it makes organizing fun. I can proudly say that “fun” is a word that our customers repeat quite often when they are talking about our task & notes manager.

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