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Always get stuff out of your head

(This is an edited excerpt from my new e-book Swift Mind Freedom).

Let me ask you one question -

Why keep all your tasks, ideas, notes, worries, promises, commitments and reminders in
your head… when you can store them in your computer instead?

Always get stuff out of yoru mind

Don’t store things in your head. Put them in a trusted system. You will be rewarded with relief and increased mental capacity. You will feel better.

If there is one thing that technology is great at, it’s remembering things. Unlike our minds, computer will never forget what you enter into it. In fact, it can even remind you of things at the right time!

The biggest instant benefit of writing things down is that once you write something down, you feel relief instantly. Once you have captured a task (or idea), you can forget about it. You know where to find it in case you need it.

Think about this: Just as computer can get its memory (RAM) overloaded when too many programs are running at once, your mind can get overloaded when you are juggling too much stuff in your head.

By writing things down, you will increase your mental capacity. It’s like an upgrade for your brain. This can literally increase your IQ.

Put things out of your head, and into your organizing system

Put things into your organizing system

Whenever new task comes to you, write it down immediately (e.g. into Swift To-Do List).

And don’t write down just tasks, but anything that you would have to remember.

Develop this habit of capturing everything instantly.

This is the key.

Once you start doing this, you might be shocked how clearly you can think and how efficiently you can function. It’s almost like magic.

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5 Responses to “Always get stuff out of your head”

  1. Max says:

    I do believe that “swift-to-do-list” is a smart and powerful software to increase productivity and thats why I was considering to give it a shot….but then I saw that its only available for MS-Windows and since I wouldn’t even touch this system with a ten-foot pole, I guess I’ll stick to “good ‘ol pen and paper” ^^

    Quote: “Don’t store things in your head. Put them in a trusted system.”

    “trusted system”… referring to windows this kind of sounds like a joke xD
    No, seriosly…why isnt there a linux version? Im sure lots of people would appreciate it, especially since it would be even more productive and way less nerve-wracking :P

    • JiriNovotny says:

      Hi Max,
      We are currently fully focused on development of the Windows version. In the near future, we might start working on a Mac version as well. Linux version is currently not planned, as Linux doesn’t have sufficient distribution among our customers (busy professionals). You are about the 3rd person to ask for it, and we have tens of thousands of customers that use Windows :)

  2. Josh W. says:

    Your site appears to not be functioning correctly. None of the images nor formatting are showing up as expected…

    See what I see here:


    • JiriNovotny says:

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for letting me know.

      Please try different browser, I’ve just tested the blog in various browsers and everything appears OK.

      Perhaps what you see is caused by some setting in your browser.

      Here’s what it should look like:


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