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Kick-start your productivity with new Swift To-Do List 11!

Your 2022 can be much more productive and organized!

We are super excited to bring you Swift To-Do List 11!

To get this major upgrade, you need to have your license renewal active.

If you don’t own Swift To-Do List yet, you can buy Swift To-Do List today and get a free upgrade to version 11 as soon as it’s released.

Now let’s take a look at what you are getting in version 11:

1832 new icons plus icon search!

Enjoy 1832 new modern tree icons for your to-do lists, memos and spreadsheets!

You can now also quickly find icons by typing what you’re looking for!

You’ll have a total blast with these new carefully hand-picked icons.

New Contact Manager

You can use the brand new Contact Manager as a lightweight CRM.

You can store any information you might ever need for each of your contacts. There’s now 8 inbuilt fields (Name, E-Mail, Phone, Photo, Address, Company, Website, Color…).

But get this –

Swift To-Do List 11 now ALSO supports up to 10 custom fields in the Contact Manager!

You will SHOCK others with your organizing kung-fu and super-human memory!

Your professional and personal relationships will be better than ever!

Take the efficiency of dealing with individuals and companies to the next level.


Team Feature: Show reminders to assignees only

Reminders are now laser focused to the right people!

No more reminders shown to people NOT assigned to tasks!

With this new feature, only those assigned to a task will get reminders about them.

Of course, you can still create team-wide reminders: just leave a task unassigned.

Custom time tracker sound

You can now customize the sound which is played when your countdown timer finishes.


A bunch of other improvements

  • Reminder emails now include the full task path and a list of task attachments.
  • You can now clone filters to create similar filters, or make filter templates.
  • When adding a new task, you can start time tracking or create a sticky note right then. Do more with less clicks!
  • Customize your workflow: You can now choose whether new tasks should appear at the top, or at the bottom of an existing list.

We’ve also included many small improvements and bug fixes to help you become even more productive with Swift To-Do List.

The new version 11 will be released on Jan 31st 2019. And of course, we have TONS more updates coming in 2019 to those with active licenses!

If you don’t own Swift To-Do List yet, you can buy Swift To-Do List today and get a free upgrade to version 11 as soon as it’s released.

Have your best year yet!

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Swift To-Do List 11

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  1. Joel says:

    You guys just released version 11 and made an announcement about it on the 8th on your blog on your home page but none on any of your social media sites? For crying out loud promote your software. No one’s talking about it, no comments, nothing.

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