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This page lists new things added in the initial 7.0 release, and new things added in the subsequent 7.xx releases.

What's New in 7.xx

Since releasing the version 7.0, we've done many big upgrades.

We always publish a blog post for each larger release with new features. This allows us to go into more detail and include lots of images.

Here is a list of blog posts about new features, from newest to oldest:

If you are interested even in the tiniest details, see the change log after 7.0. You can also check out the Features page.

What's New In 7.0

Version 7.0 was an enormous upgrade compared to version 6. This page shows what's new in 7.0 compared to 6. However, all the features added after 7.0 are not listed below - you will find them only in the blog posts listed above.

  • Swift To-Do List 7 has an incredible amount of new features and improvements in every part of the program. Even this long page does not contain the complete list of new features!
  • More than 100 new features and improvements.
  • Automatic import of database and settings from the old version. Instant upgrade. You will feel right at home.
  • Still simple and powerful, thanks to proven design. Swift To-Do List will never become complex, bloated and hard to use. We promise. In fact, it is even easier to use now!
  • Quick summary of new features: Recurring tasks - Cut/copy/paste tasks and to-do lists - Undo/redo - Create note pages in tree - Portable & can be run from USB flash drive - 144 new to-do list icons (in 4 sizes) - Email tasks feature - Filter presets - Better reminders - Better print/export - Task archive for deleted tasks - Unicode support - Customizable priorities - Images in notes - Secure database encryption - Updated look and design - More columns to choose from (20 in total, including Start Date, Completion Date, Assigned To, Status, Percent Done, Time Estimate, Time Spent and more) - Multiple column sorting - and much more.
  • Screaming "Wow!" yet? :-) As you can see, this upgrade is a must have.
  • Below is a more complete list of new features, divided into categories.

Features-stdl-experience Tip: You can skip reading this and just purchase the upgrade outright.
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Wonderful upgrade. Really shows a lot of work went into it.
Jerry S, USA
I’m blown away at the number of new features in Swift To-Do 7. The thing I like the most is that your software allows one to be as simple or as complex as you want, all within the framework of one program.

Frankly, my requirements change from time to time. For 30+ years, I’ve used or tried a wide variety of task management and notes programs. While I liked Swift To-Do 6, version 7 has been an “eureka” moment.

Now, I don’t have to start searching for a new to-do/notes program to fit my ever changing requirements. Nicely done!
Susan K, USA
Outstanding job! The version 7.0 improved an already excellent program. Congratulations!
Michael G, USA

Please note: Images on this page contain just about 1/10 of the new features! There is so many new things we can't possibly show you all of them. and see them yourself.


  • New clipboard support allows you to copy/cut/paste whole to-do lists, tasks or attachments
  • New global undo/redo feature with nearly unlimited history allows you to undo any operation – if you accidentally delete a task or to-do list, no worries – you can now easily undo it!
  • Ability to deploy Swift To-Do List 7 to an USB stick to take all your tasks with you
  • Easily switch view modes in the main toolbar (Current To-Do List, Current To-Do List + All Sub To-Do Lists, All To-Do Lists)
  • New Unicode support allows you to use any regional/cultural letters or symbols
  • Swift To-Do List 7 can now automatically check for updates

New edit menu

To-Do List Tree

  • 144 new attractive to-do list icons that you can use
  • Tree icons come in 4 sizes (16, 24, 32, 48) and you can switch between the tree icon size.
  • Ability to create "Memos" in the tree – memo is a full notes page that is not associated with any task. You could say that it is a special kind of to-do list that contains just notes. This brings the functionality of our Tree Notes right into Swift To-Do List.
  • Ability to customize the tree – you can change it's background color, font color, font, and font size
  • The "Add To-Do List" window is now collapsible (which allows you to hide/display the extra icons to select from), and you can also change the size of icons in the icon selector
  • When dragging a to-do list to move it to a different position, you can preview exactly where it is going to be placed
  • The tree now also remembers which to-do lists were expanded and which were collapsed
  • New "smart numbering" displays number of tasks in to-do list in the tree, plus number of tasks in all its sub-to do lists when the to-do list is collapsed

Expanded Add To-Do List window with 277 different icons to choose from


  • New fields supported: Assigned To, Start Date, Completion Date, Status, Percent Done, Context, Time Estimate, Time Spent. (These new fields are in Professional edition only.)
  • Fully customizable Priorities – add new priorities, rename the current ones, change their order, etc.
  • Creation Date and Change Date is fully supported and automatically recorded for each task.
  • You can choose which fields you want to use, and which to completely hide. This unique concept greatly helps you to customize the program to suit your personal needs. No other similar software for Windows supports this. (In Professional edition only.)
  • New Archive stores all your deleted tasks. You can easily recover them or physically delete them for good from the archive. You can also sort the archive by date to quickly see a history of your deleted tasks.
  • Updated "Batch Modify" feature allows you to disable reminders or recurrence of multiple tasks at the same time
  • New global hotkey to add new task
  • You can reorder your task types now (and also priorities, statuses, and contexts), so for example, you can have your most often used or most important ones at the top, etc.

Add Task window

Email Task (Completely new feature!)

  • (Professional edition only): New "Email Task" feature allows you to email tasks to the people the tasks are assigned to, to yourself, or to anyone else from your contact list.
  • Editable email template that includes all the important information about the emailed task saves your time.
  • You can use BCC to send a hidden copy to yourself (or to anyone else) when emailing tasks.

Email Task feature


  • New column manager allows you to reorder and show/hide columns
  • Many more columns that can be displayed (20+ different columns to choose from!)
  • The new supported columns include "Flags" column with icons indicating if the task has notes specified, has reminder set, is recurrent, or has attachments attached
  • New column "Reminder" shows the time & date of task's reminder (if the task has any), and "Recurrence" column shows the next date of task's recurrence
  • Tasks colored by priorities now have their background colored, not the foreground color
  • The task view is now fully customizable – you can change the background color, foreground color, font size and font
  • It is much easier than before to drag & drop tasks around to reorder them. No need to switch to "manual sort" anymore!
  • You can also drag & drop multiple tasks at the same time to reorder them.
  • Ability to sort by multiple columns – use Shift+Click to add additional columns to your current sort.
  • You can now have any to-do list manually reordered and other to-do lists sorted
  • New task view context menu items: Select All Done Tasks, Select All Undone Tasks

New task-view


  • New reminder types to choose from: Automatic reminder on Due Date and automatic reminder on Start Date
  • The reminder window can show multiple reminders at the same time, and you can dismiss or disable all shown reminders at the same time
  • The snooze feature now has more presets
  • New intelligent custom snooze features remembers last three values that you've used and adds them among the inbuilt presets
  • The snooze button now remembers your last choice
  • Ability to go to task directly from the reminder window (this will find the task in Swift To-Do List and select it)
  • The reminder window is now independent from main Swift To-Do List window and thus you can work with the program while the reminder window is shown
  • The reminder window now also flashes in your task bar
  • It's now possible to snooze recurring reminders

Ultimate task reminders

Task recurrence (completely new feature):

  • Full support for task recurrence, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly patterns. The task recurrence is very powerful, for example, it is now possible to make the task recur every second Monday every two months – you can configure nearly any recurrence pattern.
  • You can specify what happens when the task recurs: Either it can be simply marked as undone, or duplicated, and the copy marked as undone
  • When task recurs, you can be automatically reminded that it has just recurred

Task recurrence


  • New ability to find/replace text in notes (Ctrl+F, Ctrl+H)
  • New ability to insert images into the notes
  • New ability to easily highlight text in notes using a yellow marker
  • New support for Tab key in notes to indent text
  • New ability to insert separator line in the notes
  • New ability to insert long date or long date with time into the notes
  • Background color of notes is now customizable
  • Default notes font color, font, and font size of notes is now customizable
  • Better undo/redo support for text operations in notes

New notes formatting toolbar


  • New attachment views: Details or Icons
  • Ability to work with multiple attachments at the same time (drag them out of the application, copy them to clipboard, etc)
  • Easily cut/copy/paste attachments – full clipboard support
  • You can now specify name of person associated with email address added as an attachment
  • You can also name the links (URLs) attached to your tasks

Info Panel:

  • New info panel shows you how many tasks you have to do today and tomorrow and other useful statistics
Swift To-Do List 7 Info panel


  • Much more powerful filtering that is also very easy to use
  • Create multiple filter presets and easily switch between them from the main toolbar or using keyboard shortcuts
  • The filter supports all the new task properties and also many read-only properties that the program keeps record of, including Change Date and Creation Date.
  • The new filtering allows you to, for example, to see only tasks due in the next 7 days, or only tasks due this month, or only tasks with specified task types (you can now select multiple types), etc.
  • You can name your filter presets to organize them
  • First 9 filters have a hotkey automatically associated with them (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, ...). Ctrl+0 turns off filtering.
Swift To-Do List 7 Filters


  • Very secure optional database encryption that protects all your tasks from unauthorized access (replaces the old simple password protection that could be bypassed)
  • Ability to easily Relocate or Backup database right in the File menu

Print / Export:

  • Completely new and more user friendly design of Print/Export dialog
  • It is now easy to print just the current view, all tasks in all to-do lists or just the selected to-do lists
  • Ability to group the exported tasks by any column
  • The export output looks better
  • CSV export can now contain task notes

Easy & powerful print and export

Help and Assistance:

  • You can now contact our friendly support directly from the program (guaranteed 24-hour reply)
  • Extensive inbuilt tooltip-balloons have been added into the program to give you quick help on all the features of the program (including all the new features, of course)
  • The unconditional money back guarantee on all Swift To-Do List 7 purchases is 90 days! We are really confident that you will love Swift To-Do List 7!
I’ve just purchased the new Version 7. I see that you have incorporated many of my suggestions into the new product. Well done and keep up the good work!
John M, USA
Thanks very much for the new release. It's incredible!
Peter F, Switzerland

Phew! That was a long list!

What can we say. We have really outdone ourselves this time :-) Or perhaps not, because we are development superheroes now! Humble superheroes. Yup, that's it.

All kidding aside, we really hope that you will enjoy Swift To-Do List 7 and appreciate our hard work. Thank you for your support. We will do everything we can to make you an organized superstar!

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