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Swift To-Do List 8 launched!

New Swift To-Do List 8 is here!We’ve officially launched the brand-new shiny Swift To-Do List 8. We’ve also launched a new homepage – see it at www.dextronet.com.

This is probably the biggest and most exciting release we’ve ever done. As one of our customers, Serge, said:

Congratulations to you and your team! This is more than a major release, the subtask implementation makes it essentially a brand new product!

And I have to agree! I think that just the subtasks feature alone makes this upgrade more than worthwhile to you.

Subtasks greatly help you reduce overwhelm and procrastination, and you can use them to manage projects and more complex tasks with ease, simplicity and clarity.

I would have never believed how powerful it can be to break complex tasks into small subtasks. Believe me, once you try subtasks, you will never want to go back.

You can see what’s new in version 8 here. The what’s new page includes screenshots and also contains more information on subtasks.

How to get the new version 8

  1. First of all, download the new Swift To-Do List 8 from our website.
  2. If you’ve purchased Swift To-Do List recently (after 5th of August 2012), you will automatically get a free upgrade, and your existing license code will keep working.
  3. Or, if you’ve been already using Swift To-Do List for some time, then, as a previous customer, you will be able to purchase the upgrade to the new version with a significant discount. All you have to do is to click the Buy button in the new version, which will automatically take you to the correct upgrade page, where you will be able to purchase the new version with a discount. Alternatively, use the upgrade wizard on our website.

All your settings and data will be fully preserved, of course. Your data is sacred to us, so upgrading, installing or even uninstalling any of our products will never delete your data.

You love version 8

The feedback to the new version 8 has been extremely positive so far.

Nearly all of the early adopters told us that they absolutely love the new version, especially the subtasks feature.

For example, this is what Jason wrote us just yesterday:

Thanks for all your hard work! Swift To-Do List has really helped me get all my projects organized while getting much more done and stressing much less about everything. Subtasks have been really helpful in allowing me to break larger tasks down into smaller actionable tasks (…). I feel like I’m in control of my workday and personal life for the first time in many years.

I just went and bought the v8 Ultimate upgrade!

We are delighted by the reception, and super-excited about the new release and future of Swift To-Do List.

We are also very grateful for your ongoing support. Yes, I am talking to you. You are the reason we exist today, and we are honored to serve you. By purchasing upgrades, you allow us to fund further development and keep improving Swift To-Do List with ironclad commitment. (And we have a lot of extremely cool stuff coming as free updates in the 8.xx line).

Focus on innovation

I sincerely believe that Swift To-Do List 8 is truly the best to-do list software ever created for Windows.

Since Swift To-Do List has all the basic functionality handled so well, we’ve started to focus more on innovation.

For example, one of the innovative new features in version 8 is the Hide Until field. Using it, you can hide tasks for later. It’s like a “mega-snooze” for your tasks. Just pick a Hide Until date for any task, and the task will disappear. When the date comes, the task will appear on your to-do list again. By using Hide Until, you can keep your to-do lists super-relevant, motivating, and short & sweet. Just hide everything that is not relevant right now for later!

New Hide Until field

Also, I am very proud of our subtasks implementation. The subtasks have been designed really, really well. Using subtasks is dirt-simple and completely intuitive. For example, you can create them in many different ways: You can move tasks left/right to turn them into subtasks by modifying the task hierarchy. Or, you can use your mouse and Drag and Drop any task onto another task to turn it into its subtask. Or, you can simply use the Add Subtask button, or use the new Ctrl+M shortcut.

Automatically numbered subtasks
Creating subtasks

What’s coming next

Right now, we are working on a series of 8.xx updates to make Swift To-Do List faster across the board and reduce its RAM consumption.

After that, we plan to finish the sync/collaboration/mobile functionality, which has been in Beta for far too time now.

Then, a full-blown scheduling calendar and the ability to create entirely custom columns can be expected, among many, many other great new features.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just download the all-new version 8 and start reaping the benefits today.

  • Keep your to-do list short and motivating by hiding tasks for later. Stay focused on what is relevant.
  • Break complex tasks and projects into subtasks, and defeat procrastination and overwhelm. Doing the next small action step (subtask) is easy!

The two suggestions above are just some ideas – the new version gives much more new possibilities, of course!

To see what’s new and to perhaps get inspired how to use it, check out the what’s new in version 8 page.

PS: I would love to hear what you think! Just post in the comments below. We’ve recently made posting comments here as simple as possible.

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