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What’s New in 7.242: Percent Done bars, Tree Notes import, more

While you wait for the exciting new major features that we are working on, we have a small update for you.

Version 7.242 brings you:

  • Graphical percent done progress bars in the task-view with customizable color
  • Ability to hide any column by right-clicking it
  • Ability to import data from our Tree Notes (Use File – Advanced – Import Tree Notes 1 Database…)
  • Multiple minor fixes
  • Updated help file

Percent done progress bar

This is how the percent done column looks:

Task Manager with Percent Done progress bar

Custom colors in the percent done column

As always, you can customize the color used in the Percent Done column. You can also turn off the colors if you wish. There are endless flavors to choose from:

Custom Percent Done colors in Swift To-Do List

New right-click column menu

You probably know that you can right-click any column to display a popup menu. So far, the popup menu has contained only two items: Manage Columns and Reset Columns. Now it also contains a new item: Hide This Column, depending on which column you have clicked. This allows you to quickly hide any column. (The “Name” column can’t be hidden).

The new popup menu looks like this:

Hide column in Swift To-Do List via right-click menu

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2 Responses to “What’s New in 7.242: Percent Done bars, Tree Notes import, more”

  1. John Mayer says:

    I just upgraded to To-Do List 7.242 and just want to say that you are doing an awesome job. This product was good when I first installed it a few years ago and it just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jiri Novotny says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your praise. We appreciate it.

    A lot of great stuff is coming!

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