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What’s new in Swift To-Do List 7.11: Colors!

Swift To-Do List before version 7.11 allowed you to color tasks only by priority, and the color was applied only to the Priority column. This has now changed.

Behold: New custom task-coloring!

Version 7.11 brings completely redesigned and improved task-coloring functionality:

Custom colors in task-view

You can now color tasks by:

  • Priority
  • Status
  • Type
  • Assigned To
  • Context

New task-coloring options

But not only that! You can now choose what gets colored:

  1. The relevant column (eg. Priority column for priority coloring)
  2. Whole row (= all columns)
  3. Or, you can color just task names
New coloring options

This allows a lot of combinations! This feature brings a lot of flexibility and customization goodness.

New color picker

That’s not all though – we’ve also improved the color picking window. It is now full of pleasant, uplifting, bright colors, carefully chosen by hand. Black text is readable and looks good on these colors. You can also define your custom colors, of course.

New Select Color window

Aren’t we great? :-)

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