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Swift To-Do List 10 with scheduling calendar released!

New major version 10 of Swift To-Do List has been just released!

It just might be the best and greatest to-do list software ever created for Windows.

The new version adds:

  • Scheduling calendar
  • 33 new tree icons
  • Ability to assign tasks to multiple people
  • Ability to set times of day for tasks
  • Improved Time Estimate, Time Spent and Time Left fields
  • Improved Secure Cloud Sync
  • Ultimate features for everybody
  • … and many other improvements

You can download the new Swift To-Do List 10 here.

See more about What’s New in version 10 (includes more screenshots).

Swift To-Do List 10 scheduling calendar

Customers who have already tried the new version love it!

That upgraded calendar feature is totally awesome dude. -Malcolm F, USA

This truly has become the perfect product! Thank you so much! -Robert G, USA

Download the new Swift To-Do List 10.

If you have already Swift To-Do List installed, all your data will be fully preserved.

If you already own Swift To-Do List, you either get the new version for free (in case you’ve purchased Swift To-Do List on November 24, 2015 or later and thus own a subscription), or with a discount. To claim your discount, simply download the new version and click the “Upgrade to Subscription” button on the top-right.

Enjoy the new Swift To-Do List and your new control of your time!

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