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Welcome to new Dextronet!

This is the first post on our brand new blog, on our brand new website, with our brand new product Swift To-Do List 7 released.

Whoa, slow down! New website, new Swift To-Do List, new blog?

Many things have changed in the past year. We’ve decided to take things to the next level.

The development of Swift To-Do List 7 took much longer than anticipated, but you can hopefully see that the wait has been worth it. I will talk more about that in one of the following posts.

I want to apologize to everyone who expected the new major version sooner. All next releases will be coming quickly. This one took so long because we’ve basically rewritten the whole program from scratch, and we couldn’t settle for any compromises. See what’s new in Swift To-Do List 7.

We simply love creating software that you will love to use. We wouldn’t feel good about selling half-baked products.

About this blog

This blog will mostly contain posts from me (Jiri Novotny – Dextronet.com founder and chief Swift To-Do List developer). I would like to blog at least 2-3 times a week. I’m going to blog about all the following things and more:

  • Swift To-Do List tips & tricks
  • Productivity
  • Being organized, GTD, task management
  • Goal achievment
  • Personal development

Subscribe to this blog today so you don’t miss all the Swift To-Do List tips and tricks – you won’t find them anywhere else. Did you know that there are some hidden features in Swift To-Do List? I will tell you about them soon.

And hey, I think that we’re going to have fun together – this blog will be all but boring. I will keep the posts short and sweet.

Feel free to post comments – whatever comes to your mind!

Our plans for the near future

The current plan is simple: New releases of Swift To-Do List with additional new and exciting features. And let me tell you, we will never stop improving Swift To-Do List!

Plans for the next year include new Team edition of Swift To-Do List and new version of Swift To-Do List Online. You can also expect some completely new products, and new major versions of our old products.

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