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Blind Man and Swift To-Do List

A couple of days ago, we’ve received the following message from Bob Stoker, who was unknown to us then:

I am blind. I use the computer with the aid of specialized software. I am so happy to tell you that this “To Do list” software works with all major assistive technology (you’d be well surprised how many of them don’t).

I have to admit, we’ve never tested Swift To-Do List with any screen readers or other assistive software that blind people like Bob use. Most companies don’t, even the major ones – the unfortunate reality is that the percentage of blind customers is so tiny that it would never make economic sense.

But, because we do our best to build our software on strong technological foundation and design principles, it apparently just works in our case! This has really made my day, and is one of many proofs that setting high standards pays off in many ways.

Let me ask you a question though. Has the following ever occurred to you? – If you are blind, you have a relationship with your computer. It is talking to you all the time, reading everything on the screen. Actually, not everything. It can’t describe any photos or images to you – or at least yet. In any case, it must be a completely different experience. The synthesized voice talking to you is the whole interface. I can’t even begin to imagine the daily challenges that visually impaired people have to face.

We got quickly acquainted with Bob. I’ve immediately given Bob a free license as a gift. It is our policy to give complimentary licenses to blind and handicapped when they contact us. It’s the least we can do. We want to make the world a better place in as many ways as possible, and if Swift To-Do List can make someone’s life better, it is wonderful! For instance, in the past, we’ve also given a free license to a firefighter who lost his sight on duty.

Here is a follow-up message from Bob Stoker that he wanted to share with you:

So simple even a Blind Man can use it. What a useful tool this is as a reminder service. I take tablets twice a day, however, I sometimes forget, but since I started using Swift To-Do List I have never missed. My doctor is even trialing it for other VIPs (Visually Impaired People), but not only does it in effect save your life, it’s a marvelous tool for everyday things.

If you are in the same unfortunate position as me however and you need some advice on how to use it, then if you contact the nice people at Dextronet. I’m sure they’ll forward your concerns and queries to me – just mark them for the attention of Bob Stoker.

Bob even offers free testing of software – which means, if you are a software author, Bob will be happy to test your product.

I am truly humbled and touched by Bob’s readiness to help others and by his enthusiasm. He may not see, but his character can be seen by many. He inspires me.


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