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Introducing Swift To-Do List subscription plans

We’ve just released Swift To-Do List 9.50, which includes new, greatly improved Secure Sync and new team sharing options!

New mobile apps were released as well – it’s important that you update them if you use them.

We are also excited to announce Swift To-Do List subscription plans.

Swift To-Do List is now offered exclusively as a subscription.

Full Package For a Single Price

For a single annual fee, you will get:

  • Swift To-Do List for Windows, always the latest and highest version with all the features. After 1 year, you can keep the Windows version forever, even if you do not renew your subscription.
  • Swift To-Do List mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Swift To-Do List web app.
  • Use of Swift To-Do List on unlimited number of devices.
  • Updates for everything, including major upgrades.
  • Secure Sync of all the Swift To-Do List apps.
  • Team features (multi-user plans only).
  • Secure Cloud backup of your tasks, notes and spreadsheets. Even if your computer crashes or gets stolen, your data is safe.
  • Friendly tech support and customer service.

To use Swift To-Do List in a team, you need to have a multi-user plan (Mini, Small, Medium or Business).

For new customers, Swift To-Do List no longer comes in 3 editions (previously: Home, Professional, Ultimate). Every new subscriber automatically gets the equivalent of the Ultimate edition.

Also, Swift To-Do List no longer comes with 1-user-3-PC-Packs. With a valid subscription, you can now install and use Swift To-Do List on an unlimited number of devices.

Simple and Fair terms

Once you purchase a subscription, you are fully protected by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee: During the first 90 days of your subscription, if you are not happy with Swift To-Do List for any reason, we will give you all your money back. After the first 90 days, no refunds are offered.

You can cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription at any point with just a few clicks directly from Swift To-Do List. Use the Manage Sync button to do so.

After the first year of your subscription, you can keep using the Windows version of Swift To-Do List forever, even if you do not renew your subscription.

To downgrade to a lower plan, simply let your current plan expire, then sign up for a lower one.

To upgrade to a higher plan, click Manage Sync button in the Sync tab of Swift To-Do List, the click the “Upgrade to a higher plan” link. You will get a discount based on your current plan.

How does this affect existing customers?

As a previous owner of a Swift To-Do List license, you have two options. You can either keep your current license under the original terms, or, you can subscribe to the new Swift To-Do List subscription.

If you keep your current license under the original terms:

  • You can keep using Swift To-Do List for Windows indefinitely.
  • You keep your current edition (Home, Professional or Ultimate).
  • If you own a single PC license, you can use Swift To-Do List on 1 computer. If you own 1-user-3-PC-Pack, you can use it on up to 3 computers. If you own a multi-license, you can use Swift To-Do List on corresponding number of computers.
  • You get v9.xx updates and support. You do not get major upgrades (10.xx, 11.xx, etc).
  • You get 30-day trial of Secure Sync & Secure Cloud Backup, mobile apps, web-app and team sharing.

If you purchase a Swift To-Do List subscription, you will get:

  • Automatic upgrade to Ultimate if you do not own it already.
  • The ability to use Swift To-Do List on unlimited number of computers and devices.
  • Swift To-Do List mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android.
  • Swift To-Do List web-app.
  • Updates for all the apps, including major upgrades.
  • Secure Sync of everything.
  • Secure Cloud Backup.
  • The option to use Swift To-Do List in a team.
  • Discount on the first year of your subscription.

To claim your discount on the subscription, download the latest Swift To-Do List, then click the “Upgrade to Subscription” button on the top-right of Swift To-Do List window.

Swift To-Do List Accounts, Organizations and Subscription Plans

If you want to use use any of the online features (Secure Sync, mobile apps, team collaboration) you need to create your own Swift To-Do List Account. You can do so directly in Swift To-Do List for Windows when you sync your tasks for the first time.

We are now also introducing “Organizations” into Swift To-Do List -

To use Swift To-Do List in a team, you can now create an organization inside your Swift To-Do List Account. Each organization can have unlimited number of databases and up to 50 members. Organizations allow you to take advantage of multi-user plans, and they also allow you appoint admins and invite only specific people to databases owned by the organization.

Organizations come with 30-day trial. Then you need to purchase a valid multi-user plan for each Organization. We offer Mini plan for up to 5 users ($495/year), Small plan for up to 10 users ($995/year), Medium plan for up to 25 users ($2495/year) and a Business plan for up to 50 users ($4995/year).

Members of the organizations can also create their own personal private databases inside their Swift To-Do List Accounts.

If you want to use Swift To-Do List as a single user, then you also get a 30-day trial for the new online features. You then need to purchase a Personal plan. If you already own Swift To-Do List, you will automatically get a discount on your plan.

If you have been already using the beta sync feature, then we’ve created an organization inside your Swift To-Do List Account for you automatically. We’ve also moved all databases with more than 1 user into the organization for you, and made you an “administrator” and “owner” of the organization.

The Secure Sync background story

The Secure Sync features were in development for several years. All this time, we’ve been intensively working on them. And now, they are finally finished! It is the main reason we are introducing the new Swift To-Do List subscriptions.

During the public Beta period, the Secure Sync features were free. However, there are ongoing costs associated with running, maintaining and supporting the Secure Sync service, its infrastructure and the ecosystem of apps (Windows, Android, iOS, web), so subscription payments are necessary.

However, there’s a silver lining. Besides the new functionality, the switch to subscriptions comes with additional benefits to you – for example, we can now ship new features immediately, and do not have to bundle them into “major upgrade” packages like we did previously with Swift To-Do List 7, 8 and 9, or with the Ultimate edition.

Questions and Answers

Q: What if I am not interested in the online, mobile and team features?
A: First of all, all these features are optional. And even if you are not interested in any of the online features, you can still purchase Swift To-Do List for Windows! Just subscribe for 1 year, and even if you do not renew your subscription, you can keep using it forever (although without updates). Or, if you already own it, just keep using it.

Q: So, how can I use Swift To-Do List in a team?
A: If you were using Swift To-Do List in a team during the sync public beta, we’ve automatically created an organization for you. Feel free to rename it using the Manage Sync button in Swift To-Do List for Windows. If you are a new user, see above in the “Swift To-Do List Accounts, Organizations and Subscription Plans” section.

Q: How about license codes?
A: When you purchase or renew a subscription, you will also receive a license code for your Swift To-Do List for Windows. You can enter it using menu Help – Enter License Code. You should do so even if you’ve already purchased Swift To-Do List in the past or renewed your subscription. In the future, the license codes will be downloaded automatically for you.

If you have purchased a multi-user plan, you should email the license code to each member of your organization.

Q: How can I move a database from one organization to another one, or from my personal Swift To-Do List Account into an Organization?
A: Currently, you have two options. The first option is to email contact our support at support@dextronet.com – we can do this for you.

The second option is to un-sync the database using menu Sync – Un-Sync, then sync it again with the desired new “owner” organization. You then need to invite everyone into the database again. Everyone else then needs to create a new local empty database file using menu New – Empty Database, and sync it with the new cloud Organization’s database that you’ve invited them into.

Q: How can I upgrade to a higher plan?
A: Use menu Sync – Manage Sync. Then click the “Upgrade to higher plan” or “Upgrade to multi-user plan” link on the top-right of the “Manage Sync” window.

Q: How can I downgrade to a lower plan?
A: Simply let your plan expire, then purchase a lower plan. To cancel auto-renewal of your plan, use menu Sync – Manage Sync, then click “Cancel auto-renewal”.

Q: When I am a member or an admin of an organization, can I also have my own personal databases?
A: Yes. When you are a member of an organization, you can have your personal databases directly inside your Swift To-Do List Account that are completely separate from the organization. When syncing a database, make sure that you select “You” as the owner in the Secure Sync Wizard.

This also means that when you have a multi-user plan, or are a member in an organization, you do not need a Personal plan if you want to use Swift To-Do List for your personal tasks as well.

Q: How do I know when to renew the subscription?
A: If you have auto-renewal enabled, you don’t have to worry about it at all – it will auto-renew for you automatically, unless you cancel the auto-renewal. If you do not have auto-renewal enabled, then you can click the Manage Sync button in the Sync tab to see how many days are left in your subscription. During the last 14 days, Swift To-Do List for Windows will also display the days left on the top-right part of its window.

Q: What’s the pricing?
A: Please see our Secure Software Store.

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