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Getting The Most From Swift To-Do List Undo Feature

Pressed something you didn’t want to press? A big whoops? Did your cat walk over your keyboard? No worries!

Swift To-Do List has an awesome undo/redo feature that we are really proud of.

You can undo/redo nearly any action. The undo also has a deep history, so you can track-back quite a bit if necessary.

Some “soft” actions that do not modify the database (like viewing another to-do list) are intentionally not included in the Undo.

Deleted a to-do list by accident?

When you delete a to-do list by accident, you can simply undo it – it’s as simple as pressing Ctrl+Z or using Edit – Undo. Using Undo in Edit menu has a big advantage: you can see exactly what action will be undone.

Swift To-Do List 7 Undo feature

This doesn’t apply just to to-do lists, but to anything – accidentally wiped out your notes? No problem.

Deleted a task by mistake? Easy fix.

Broken your precious list of task types / priorities? The cure couldn’t be simpler.

Task Archive

Please remember that although the undo history is cleared after Swift To-Do List exit, you can restore any deleted task using Task Archive available from Manage menu. Task archive has two purposes – it is a history of all the things you’ve accomplished in the past, and it also allows you to restore deleted tasks.

All deleted tasks are automatically moved in the Task Archive.

Swift To-Do List 7 Archived Tasks feature

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